Interview with Everything is Going to Be OK Graffiti Hopesters — 4 Comments

  1. It’s amazing to know that HOPE still have a voice. This inspired me and i think we can all take the example that we CAN still make a difference in this world.. if we only decide focus on the beauty and grace all around us! Go Wonderwoman and Superman!

  2. bah humbug! Everything is NOT ok, right now. lets fix everything so that it might be OK. But right now, if you see hope for the way the human race is headed, good luck to you.

    • It is actually. Everything is okay. You are privilaged to get up in the morning alive and healthy. You probably have food to eat and a roof over your head. When you get sick you can seek medical attention. I assume this about you and if i am wrong i apoligise. My point is that there are many people who think the way you do and expierance all or most of the above and still think like you. No maybe everything is not okay with people like you. Just want to point out the obvious. Have no intention of insulting you or anyone else, but perspective is the medicine for pessimists.

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