Is Knysna Tourism Corrupt or Incompetent? — No Comments

  1. Hopefully someone will take a look at the debacle surrounding the Oyster Walk development fronting the Pledge Nature Reserve. That land was given away for a mere two million and it hadn’t been paid for prior to the commencement of building operations. There were a number of patently illegal transactions which were swept under the carpet and all dissent silenced by none other than Stan Davis who rubber stamped everything whilst the DA mayor some years back.

    Did you mention accountability there? Transparency and accountability? Wishful thinking in this town I think.

    • There seem to be many such issues where money won the day e.g. Pezula castle being built illegally, storage of building materials on protected lands etc. I wonder what the situation is with the “waterfront” Premier Hotel is building. Whether something is legal or illegal, if there were was municipal transparency, the town would know where it stood. Truth is one of the main goals of Knysna Keep. Hopefully my silent supporters will become more public over time. That’s the real way to make a difference.

    • I want politicians to deliver on the promises that got them into power. With regards our new DA government, that was an “open door policy”, “transparency”, prepared to work with the opposition, make Knysna for all, and critical of Knysna municipality’s excessive salaries.

  2. This article is very informative. I would never have know about this as a visitor to Knysna, but i find it concerning to know that in such a beautiful town, which has so much to offer there is such a great divide which is blocking the flow of creativity and tourism. It makes no sense to me. The more people get involved in helping promote Knysna then more trade and more visitors and more locals buying. Why would this not be a good idea?

    • Exactly! Democracy is where the government works for the people. Instead, government, all over the world, has become the enemy. The second problem is that citizens complain over coffee instead of saying no to the bullshit. Citizens need to become communities again and stand up for belief and their lives.

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