2019.08.18 Alan Winde Julie Seton Esme Edge Esme Jefferys Brenton Ward 5 by-election debate

Advocate Seton and her married partner, ex-Knysna Deputy Mayor Esme Edge, with Premier Alan Winde who is aware of their actions against me for his party. Instead of acting on years of complaints, he’s seen here, in 2019, posing happily with them.

Julie Seton is the advocate ‘hitman’ for Helen Zille and the Democratic Alliance. She protects their corruption by intimidating critics through direct threats and propaganda. She uses SLAPP which are strategic lawsuits aimed at stopping Public participation. She has destroyed my life to protect a criminal network of politicians and government officials.


Advocate Julie Seton, also known as Julie Lopes and Julie Jefferys, is as much a threat to citizens as the DA is to liberalism. This page exposes her and her married partner, Esme Edge, with a 100-page complaint to the Legal Practice Council (LPC). It includes 200 pieces of evidence. The damning documents are available for download here.

Further thoughts…


The Western Cape province, home to more than 7 million South Africans, is captured by the Democratic Alliance. Government money is a cash cow for the legal profession.

The Cape Bar and Advocate Tanja Golden, whom the Legal Practice Council is now responsible for, previously protected Advocate Julie Seton. That favoured corruption and the DA over the law and justice.

Then the Chairperson of the Cape Bar, Golden stated that I had provided no evidence but, for example, she had the fake psychiatric diagnosis of me that Seton and DA Councillor Dr Martin Young had created. That fraudulent document labelled me as a sociopath 34 times and said that I was a danger to children. It was part of their wider effort to destroy my charitable work with underprivileged kids, and thus my credibility whilst revealing Democratic Alliance crime and maladministration. Summarily, Golden lied.

Consequently, there’s no guarantee that the Legal Practice Council (LPC) will act with integrity and disbar Seton to protect the honour of their profession and our country.

The Legal Practice Council investigation began yesterday with the appointment of Wardiya Esack as case officer. The process may take two months which is plenty of time for Advocate Seton to try to get me arrested by crooked cops protecting the DA too. Esack was unable to answer me what would happen to my complaint if I became a political prisoner before it concluded. That’s further motivation for me to make the documents publicly available.

This may sound like a movie but the evidence on this website makes it viciously real. I have had no friendships for years. I fear for my safety and thus keep my world as small as possible.


Advocate Julie Seton is currently involved in 5 cases against me. We were supposed to appear in the Western Cape High Court this week but that has been postponed.

Yesterday, I offered a deal to Seton and her letterhead attorney, Richard Sohn. If she and her Knysna accomplices leave me alone until the next High Court case, I won’t mention them online.

I have yet to receive a response but was then informed by Scott Bulson, owner of the Loving Life channel on Youtube, that she had my Sunday interview removed. Overnight, it had received more than 3,000 views. In addition to describing Seton’s crimes, I made it clear that Helen Zille was ultimately responsible. Obviously, the DA wanted it deleted. Seton’s insane reasoning to Youtube is that the video included her personal information. Yes, crime is personal.

My offer still stands but I previously warned Advocate Seton that each time she attacked, I would react in defence. It’s important to stand against bullies. The consequence is this post.

Additionally, I will ensure that the interview video is uploaded to a safe location. Bulson has already said that it will be made available directly from his offshore website which is currently under construction. My website is offshore too, the domain name registered in Panama so as to be able to fight for the truth and my fellow citizens for as long as I can.


Some Nazis became successful businessmen after WW2. And there was a race by Western countries to hire Nazi scientists. The power of politics and economics is more often marketing than substance.

The Democratic Alliance and Advocate Julie Seton’s ‘s tactics are a reminder of the National Party which used Apartheid to enslave South Africa and silence liberals who believed in human rights.

It’s possibly relevant that National Party members joined the DA after Mandela was freed. For example, Colonel James Selfe is in charge of the DA’s political interaction with local governments. Anton Bredell, the ex-army commander of Oudtshoorn, is the Minister of Local Government for the Western Cape and is one of three deputies to Helen Zille on the Federal Executive. Selfe was at the meeting when Bredell attempted to overthrow the Oudtshoorn municipality in 2020. Zille’s response to my exposé was to promote Bredell.

Similarly, Zille’s chosen successor as Premier of the Western Cape province was Alan Winde. You can see him in the photo with Seton and Edge at the top of this page. Like Zille and Bredell, Winde is well aware of Seton’s criminal actions in support of their party. Consequently, it is either on leadership’s orders or they have allowed an enthusiastic wannabe politician to do their dirty work. Either way, they’re complicit.

The truth may be bitter but sharing it is sweet!