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  1. i am in agreement with Freddie and catlady.It would appear that JEF is a group of Lawyers riding the Social Justice horse -or canvassing for work,maybe?…other agenda’s ,maybe?

    • People get paid to do jobs. I have no issue with that. What is important to me is if violence can be averted by peaceful means e.g. the courts. In the case of the recent riots in Plett, JEF approached community leaders and found out exactly what they were upset about. That’s a step forward. Unfortunately (because this was not about ANC versus DA crap but poor people wanting services) Mayor Memory Booysen decided to coat it in the colours of political fighting so as to try win a cheap shot against the opposition. Instead, he should have valued the input and decided on a next move to lessen community anger for the sake of all citizens of Plett.

  2. Hi Empowerment projects. I hope you have cooled down by now after your nice walk on the beach. I am not an ANC member and I actually do not like them very much but what the hell is your problem with JEF? They clearly stated that they are concerned about and thus involved only in the Garden Route. As far as I know there is not one ANC municipality in the Garden Route so who the hell else must they keep honest? Why are you so worried about this anyway? Are you so much in love with the DA that the very thought of somebody keeping a close eye on them upsets you so much? What’s your problem? If the DA feels and acts like you are currently on this blog I will seriously consider voting for the bloody ANC next time! You seriously need to do some quiet time with youself, and I mean this out of love and symphathy for you, not resentment.

  3. Frivolous if the consitutional win is being used or rather abused to perpetuate the maladministration and incompetance that has brought us to the point where local government is, in many instances, unable to deliver the services expected of it. Frivolous if the consitutional win is being used to simply to derail the efforts of the people placed in office by a majority vote. This initiative is a not so subtle attempt by the minority party to sabotage the processes of government so as to ensure that there is no service delivery. No problem. Politics are politics and who believes a politician anyway.

    Wasn’t it you who brought up the comparision with all that was wicked in the past? Transformation be damned. Nothing has changed. The New Nats are still in power, still at the trough and are still using the same old tactics they perfected so long ago. I wonder when Connie Mulder is going to raise his ugly head whilst still clutching at the good book.

    But on the question of action. What Action? I don’t see any action. I see the Recycled Band competition and I see a lot of effort being put into Naturally Knysna. I see Living Local. But I am not sure where it is all going to. What sort of action do you envisage?

    • I may have lots of suggested actions for politicians but here i was talking about ourselves as citizens. You have an idea of some of what i do. It’s up to you and other citizens to decide how best you can help. Real, regular action is needed.

      • I think you should start a section on your site where you outline the projects and proposals you would like to see happening. Yes you are bumping heads and challenging. But how do you propose to bring about change? How do we start addressing the real issues? You have run workshops and are the first to admit that one needs a process to ensure the skills that are learnt are not lost. One needs a sound and viable structure to sustain, develop and grow.

        Wouldn’t the time that is being spent crippling the system, the resources being squandered on entrenching incompetence and corruption in our local structures, be better spent righting the wrongs?

        • Rooting out corupt officials, stopping cadre deployment (which cause incompetence) and showing those in power that they will face the full brunt of the law if they govern outside the rules of law will most certainly make a huge difference in how those in power govern. Even if only out of fear of litigation, they may become more careful of how the govern and spend resources. It is a process of keeping them accountable, because they obviously do not keep themselves accountable at all.

          • Now thats an about face if I ever saw one. I thought you were gunning for the DA. But here you are saying that you fully support their efforts to plug the leaks. How are you going to get this message through to whoever it is you have throwing legal confetti at the Bitou Council. Why don’t you back off and give them a chance. My understanding is that the ANC has all but bankrupted the Municipality and you are asking us to create a slush fund to front the resources the ANC is deploying to try and ensure they get the opportunity to finish it off.

            Has everyone gone quite mad? Are you off your rocker?

        • I’m a very active person and i’d welcome criticism so long as the critic is making effort too.

          I’m one person who is trying to do as much as i can.

          • A couple of points here. Firstly the terms Justice and Equality infers that there is some sort of balance. I don’t see it. These guys appear to be going out of their way to scupper the DA in Plett and elsewhere in the Province. Where were they when the ANC were plundering the public coffers and running local government into the ground? Why have they got nothing to say about the excesses of the past? Why are they saying nothing about the municipalities the DA do not control? Why are they so vociferous in the stand they are taking against change?

            You respect that?

            Next you have quite rightly taken the Knysna Council to task for not delivering on undertakings they have given. Sometimes you are a little over the top but your criticism is mostly constructive. What I would like to see from you however are some concrete proposals outlining how you would start dealing with the problems you have only so far alluded to. The problems of unemployment, skills development and small business development. This is something I have been working on for the past nine years, more even. I work outside these structures and believe you are making a mistake by trying to engage them. They are the problem, not the solution. Why are your new friends not organising to oppose the Secret Service bill? Why is the Justice and Equality Fund not mobilising to prevent a step back into the dark ages?

            Firstly there is no money in it and secondly they are not interested in transparency. This is all about snouts in the trough.

          • I’m disappointed to read this. Why, when someone tries to make a difference, are they suddenly responsible for all causes and should act on everyone’s opinion? In this case, yours?

            I do have project ideas but it’s essential to have the municipality and political parties involved if they are to be truly effective. In our small town, that is where the money is. That’s where the most difference can come from. Knysna Tourism never bothered to respond to several proposals and reneged on the promise of another. A DA councillor loved my community ideas and wanted to work with me but has since blocked me out because, i surmise, the Mayor or Deputy mayor ordered such.

            There are limitations. Everyday, i try to edge a little forward. And i do. That’s despite having no funding and you are well aware of my precarious financial situation. I know what you hope to accomplish and you and i have debated the merits of it regularly. I’d be interested how you weigh up your merits versus The KEEP’s so why not do so publicly, online, instead of disparaging here, lopsidedly. Looking at your comments recently, you are very bitter. I can understand that; there’s much to be bitter about but it needs to be weighed up against one’s own efforts and accomplishments.

            The same applies to JEF. Why must they take on every cause? How could anyone or any organization make everyone happy by fighting all their battles. These things cost money. If you want to test JEF, then choose a political matter in Knysna that has legal merit, and you hire them. And if you believe that it’s only ANC versus DA the why not criticize the DA for not starting JEF #2.

            In light of your tone, when you called JEF my “friends” it wasn’t a compliment. JEF are not my friends. JEF is an organization. And as i clearly stated, i support them if court action means less violence. What is wrong with that? Additionally, yesterday, they had their second legal victory. Do you not consider these to have merit because the DA lost? Is the DA allowed to operate out of the law? Do you believe that the DA is upholding their election promises in Knysna?

            The idea of a comment section is to express ideas and debate but i’m asking you to please not flood it with negativity that attempts to cloud the bigger picture. Instead, demonstrate your own political beliefs by utilizing your own websites (over a 100 isn’t it, with not one doing so) and be brave enough to do so using your real name and business. Shooting from the dark is most unfair. Be productive.

          • Mike lets see your projects. Lets make them work. We are on the same path. I just took a different tack to you. Thats all.

            Secondly your criticism of my criticism of your new friends is a little rich coming from someone who in a very short space of time has taken on the entire Knysna Municipality tarred them all with the same brush and who has been damned insulting to everyone and in particular to Shaun van Eck. So good on you. But give me a little room. Cut me a little slack. I don’t like your new friends. Their agenda sucks and I think they are dishonest.

          • Not at all. I explain all that i do publicly. People know who i am. There is no hiding. What you’re doing here is expressing anonymous hate. I know your own views on the municipality and our “leaders” but rather than you use one of your hundred sites to do something about it, you decide to use mine. That’s not only armchair criticism, it’s cowardly and hypocritical. You can disagree with me but at least be active for your own beliefs.

            I don’t want flame wars here and i like you as a person so hopefully you let this lie for now and take me up on a meeting over breakfast.

          • There is no flame war. I am merely responding to your post and am asking questions. My concerns are not so much DA as they are based on old school ANC activism. If you read todays Cape Times they are quoting Cronin as saying that the ANC is being torn between populism and principle. That is the reality of the struggle for power in this country. It has nothing to do with white and black. So where do you as an activist stand? Where does the Justice and Equality Fund stand? Do you share the same platform?

          • Finally no hypocrisy and cowardice intended. I was merely seeing whether your blog allows one to use the anchor text web masters need in their back links to get their sites to perform in the search results.

            Opportunism maybe but certainly not hypocrisy and cowardice. Have a look at . I have projects in place. I have plans. But I am not going to be singing the song until such time as they post a real return. Nope not armchair criticism either. I have been asking the questions you ask for a lot longer than you. And I have answers. But like you I battle to get anyone to listen.

          • Herein lies the problem. You are so blinded by “the way you see it” that you loose the view of the enitre picture. You have already decided as judge, jury and executioner that JEF is only there ti “cripple” the system and plunder money. The idea is precisely because people like JEF do not see the balance, that the need for JEF arose. To attempt to create or enforce the balance as is entrenched in the Constitution.

          • Freddie where were you when it all started? All IO have to go on is your web site which says it all. You are after the DA and the DA in Plett in particular. Why? Let me hear you speak out about the real injustices in this country. Let me see you doing some conscience work. You are the one painting the picture after all. And excuse me for doubting you. You represent the system, the corruption, the abuse of the law, the thuggery. Where were you when it all started to go wrong? And why don’t you have the moral courage to expose the other side of the story. Why are you just gunning for the DA?

  4. Why am I sceptical? Your intent, as stated on your web site is to challenge not corruption and an abuse of power, but to challenge the DA. And guess where the money to do it is going to come from.

    Greed is a nasty thing. Become a part of it and it will swallow you whole.

    I think you need to work on your mandate. You are one sided. Your efforts pervert the concept of Equality and Justice and lend a lie to what should be the truth. You are not social activists, merely social opportunists.

    • It’s too easy to be an armchair activist. Action is far better. Get involved for what you believe. It’s too easy to get angry on a website without making belief practical. Don’t get me wrong, i want people to debate but after all of this i still resort to the fact that i’m glad that there will be more court battles than riots. It’s not only Plett that’s dry brush begging for a spark. The Garden Route is in trouble and differences will only deepen as a result of greater economic difficulties. And i have to respect JEF for already having won a case in Oudtshoorn. How frivolous is a constitutional win?

      • Additionally, i too challenge the DA. I’m not JEF, simply a lonely activist. The DA, simply, is in power so it’s the obvious direction to challenge. I’d much rather work towards a common goal but that cannot happen until the DA commit to transparent government and base their leadership not only on catching thieves but on their own positive actives too. If i had one wish, it would be for politicians to become honest public servants who fight elections but, in between, the greater period, work as hard as they can together towards helping our country in need.

  5. “It is about proper governance. Those who are in control are abusing their power for their personal or political benefit and agendas. We as the public, and rate payers, are entitled to know the truth, and not just selected half truths that give a distorted picture of reality.”

    I note with grave concern that all your concerns terminate and evaporate once the funds raised from “the public” are exhausted. Selected truths and half tuths? Do me a favour. Nail the fat b****ds who are stealing and squandering our hard earned money and you will get support. Start dipping your hand into the public purse and one of these days someone will hopefully cut it off and feed it to the pigs.

    • There is no “public purse” to dip hands into for JEF. People who share their concerns are requested to make contributions voluntarily for the purpose of using the money to fight corruption etc in courts. ie. all the money made available to JEF will be private money, raised from private individuals and or companies. Figting in courts cost money, and I do not believe it is a matter of JEF’s concerns “terminating or evaporating” when funds are exhausted, it is just a fact that one cannot litigate without money. If you are aware of “fat bastards” (why use ***?) stealing your money tell JEF about it (and remember to provide proof that will hold up in a court) and I am convinced that they will fight that battle as well.

    • JEF I believe is concerned with Justice and Equality NOT politics. JEF should pursue and fight corruption in all forms in the Garden Route Local Governemnts irrespective of who the guilty parties are. Your question however, should probably be directed at JEF.

  6. @ Empowerment projects. If you have regards to the information on the JEF website, you will clearly see that the funds will be administered in terms of the Attorneys Act, and will be dealt with as trust funds. Full transparency and reporting towards “investors” or donators will be done. There is no reason to disclose the source of the funding as potential investors or funders have the choice of anonimity. As far as a public body is concerned, JEF will report to the public on their website of everything they are doing, but on the financial side their reports should be limited to those who have invested in the project. It goes without saying that JEF will conduct their calling (or business) in an honest manner and with integrity.

          • It’s common knowledge that Plett has been bedevilled by, if not corruption, administrative excesses, abuse of power and nepotism. Are these some of the issues that the “Justice & Equality ” fund are going to be looking at? Or is it their intention to pervert the public structures and ensure that they cripple service delivery in the area? As the public are we going to apply, demand the same terms of reference as we do to other public bodies. I assume the fund will be operating in an open and transparent manner, will disclose the source of their funding and that they will conduct their business honestly and with integrity?

          • There’s a response to you below (Freddie). Have adjusted settings so that a comment/response can now be nested 10 deep.

            As for a general answer from me, there’s corruption on all sides of the spectrum. As we’ve discussed before, there’s a problem with power. You know that i’m a critic of all. It frustrates me when most white people (fact not race card) i know only point fingers at the ANC but never the DA. They forget, for example, how corrupt the NP were.

            We need to condemn wrong on both sides whilst also commending the good on both sides.

          • Mike, I agree with this sentiment on your part. Unfortunately it seems that the DA and their supporters see all and any ANC member (and black people in general) as incompetent and corrupt. There is a wise old saying about sweeping in front of one’s own house before pointing out to your neighbour how dirty his yard is. The DA and their supporters seem to forget that they and their predecessors are and were as incompetent, as corrupt and as guilty of nepotism as any others. In fact, I do not believe there is a single politician out there who is above reproach and who can point any fingers in any direction without implicating themselves in the process. 😉 There is also a good reason for the story that says: Politicians and nappies should be changed regularly, and for the same reason…

          • Nope. Was going to get around to the NP. Didn’t they, the ANC merge with the NP to form the NNP or was it the ANA? Lots of rumours doing the rounds that it’s the Broederbond who are financing JuJu’s revolutionary lifestyle. Who is it that’s actually sitting behind those smokey quartz windows and riding the 4×4? No social justice activists I know of would be caught dead in that sort of dilemma.

          • That’s too vague to comment on. There’s enough nitty-gritty stuff to worry about already. Let’s focus on what we know or can prove and be caring human beings coupled with action.

          • The point I made was that “No social justice activists I know of would be caught dead in that sort of dilemma”. And the question is what sort of social dilemma?

            Is this fund more of the same or a genuine effort to address the causes of a malaise they are without doubt making themselves a part of? Where do you stand? The husband of the last Mayor dirtied his hands in Plett? But whose looking? Action yes but lets try to be honest.

          • It is about proper governance. Those who are in control are abusing their power for their personal or political benefit and agendas. We as the public, and rate payers, are entitled to know the truth, and not just selected half truths that give a distorted picture of reality.

  7. Hi there, I know life is generally not easy and everything should be simple to govern. But the reality is not everything is logical. This fund and the initiative proves to be a winning receipe. We cannot afford to have any more financial setbacks in our town. I know that not everyone is going to understand this initative, but hey what are we to do?

    • Indeed, Francois. Ours is a complicated country made more complicated by people not trying to understand the others point of view. This selfish attitude, often unsupported by logic and facts, finds us, ironically, in a time period where racism is worse than it was in 1994. It’s time for people to realize that it’s not, in fact, a culture divide, but an economic one. Unfortunately, politics (from both sides) has utilized the race card so the real issues are not being sufficiently addressed. That, in turn, obscures the battle for power. It is, simply, a mess. So when the JEF says let’s use the courts to dispute matters, i applaud not only out of relief but in the hope for clarity and a return to law and order.

  8. Comrades the Undemocratic Alliance is busy covering up its maladministrtion whilst they were in charge of Eden from 2006 to 2009. The have gone so far as to re-employ the former CFO Johan Stander who resigned before he disciplinary hearing started in January 2011. He was under investigation for alleged tender irregularities and fraud. The matter is cuurently been investigated by the Hawks case number GEORGE MAS 159/04/2011. This guy is now back to cover-up the fraud and corruption of the DA, because the ANC referred the the maladministration to the Public Protector and the National Minister for Local Government will request the SIU to investigate the municipality from 2006 to 2011.

    • Hi, Terrence. Welcome to The KEEP. I don’t know enough on the matter to comment appropriately but i do believe that all are innocent until proven guilty. That applies to the ANC and the DA i.e. why, when under investigation, suspend an ANC member in Plett whilst hanging onto a DA member in Eden? That’s hypocritical. The same rules and legalities must apply to both sides!

  9. I think it might be more accurate to say that the proposed legal action will be against Municipalities and not against the DA. The Municipalities are run by the DA on an undemocratic and, as mentioned, closed basis. The problem, in my view that JEF intends to address is the political running of Municipalities instead of the proper governance in the interest of the people. The people who control the Municipalities make politically motivated decisions and actions rather that what is in the interest of ALL the people.

    • Thanks for the input and clarification. Admittedly, when i think back to the general mail i received from Hardy Mills, he did call for comments from all sides of the spectrum, saying that that was the democratic way. Nevertheless, considering the immediate issues at hand, it will, initially, place pressure more on the DA than others.

    • I agree. I am under the belief that a public person is handing a case based on her next appointment. The case involves much corruption by the Prosecutor and his lead dective and a head of a PBA. I am sick because my husband is being railroad in a court proceeding that is a joke. They have not allowed us our defense, they are protecting a absolute embezzler and have done so since 2008. There is concrete proof that they are corrupt and we can do nothing.

      Marianne Polloni

      • Sorry to hear that. Regular injustice has become part of our everyday lives. As guilty are the citizens who hide behind closed doors. Democracy is a right only if one participates.

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