DA’s MM Kam Chetty implicated in fraud

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The Knysna DA’s ex-Municipal Manager Kam Chetty and Legal Services Director Melony Paulsen have been implicated in fraud, partly because of their actions against me, an activist.

The investigation was conducted by De Swardt Vogel Myambo Attorneys. The allegations of misconduct and fraud include:

  1. Chetty took office on July 10 2017 but allegedly only signed his contract 6 weeks later on August 24 2017. He, in collusion with others in the Municipality and Council, appeared to delay until National Government announced higher salaries and benefits. It suggests he was bought, subsequently refusing to tackle DA corruption that I reported to him. Those involved served themselves ahead of the Public. This investigation needs to go further, finding out if Western Cape MEC Anton Bredell knew about it, and, if so, why he allowed it.
  2. Anything Kam Chetty signed on behalf of the Municipality whilst not under contract would be illegal. That would include R4-million to Knysna Tourism. The organisation was already under question for being illegally funded without tender whilst politicians sat on its Board of Directors. I took that to Parliament. The controversy should’ve stopped more wrongdoing but through Chetty they found a way to keep screwing the Public.
  3. Several DA politicians used R85,595 of Public funds for their personal legal costs aimed at silencing my reporting of their corruption. Speaker Georlene Wolmarans, the ex-Mayor, was one of them. Allegedly, they were aiming at spending R400,000 until I exposed it and Councillor Peter Myers used it as a weapon in his faction fight with them.
  4. Chetty also attempted to discredit Myers by obtaining R90,667 in legal advice to try proof Myer’s altering of draft minutes of a meeting was wrongful. As it was a draft, not final, that was obviously impossible.

Knysna Municipal Manager Kam Chetty

Melony Paulsen’s full involvement is unclear but it seems that she was a participant instead of fulfilling her duty by stopping Kam Chetty.

The Knysna Municipality and the DA, including new Mayor Mark Willemse and Paulsen (who doubled as the Deputy Information Officer), ignored my repeated requests and PAIA submissions for info regarding many questionable activities which included Chetty’s contract, Knysna Tourism’s funding, and the money stolen from the Public so as to threaten me with one of the biggest law firms in the Western Cape.

The Knysna-Plett Herald broke this story, likely receiving info from the faction of the DA trying to stop the DA Federal Executive from removing Mayor Willemse and Councillor Myers. As per usual, the newspaper’s bias towards factions in government (which coincidentally buy advertising from them) meant I wasn’t asked for comment, and left out of the section on tourism’s funding which I’ve been fighting loudly for 8 years, the newspaper repeatedly failing to report accurately on it. Similarly, the investigators and politicians never contacted me.

It may be a political fight that doesn’t care for the Public but that doesn’t stop today being a good day 🙂