Kiani Satu – They Did It!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, it’s been a massive effort, led initially by NSRI stalwarts. They and SAMSA deserve the highest praise (which I hope will be reflected in the local newspapers as well). Those caring for avian victims of the disaster are, as always, an essential part of oil spill preparedness. A worry now that the vessel is further out to sea, is how the numbers of oiled birds will be monitored and rescued. ‘Out of sight out of mind’ is the fear, while the greater emergency is dealt with. We can be sure that many birds will be affected off shore, and most will simply drown, unable to reach dry land. While the ship owners are to be applauded for taking such a positive stance in covering the clean up costs (along with their insurers) you can’t compensate dead and dying penguins, or sick Southern Right Whale calves, which while transiting these waters, risk ingesting some oil.

    • There is little that can replace the loss of life but we live in a modern age where none have turned en masse to less risky solutions to energy needs…or have been brave enough to stop the incredibly stupid practice of free markets and globalization which amplify the dangers in transporting goods that should have been grown and consumed at home. People shudder at an oiled penguin (as do i) but chomp merrily away on their KFC. I’d rather skip the bigger arguments and simply praise the efforts of many so far, whether the ship stays safe or breaks up. National government, however, deserves the next dead penguin or gannet shoved up it’s useless, selfish and corrupt arsehole.

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