Knysna Allowed to Trade Alcohol on Sundays — No Comments

  1. As an owner of a bottlestore in Knysna, I am dead against the sale of alcohol on a Sunday, in fact, I am dead against trade on a Sunday by anyone except for hospitality and small businesses. We have once again given into greed and fallen victim to large corporates and landlords. The moral of the story is that we must not complain if our families are neglected and our social structure collapses as a result of neglect.

    • It is a very ironic government action considering that the Western Cape has the highest addiction rates in the country. There’s no doubt that alcohol (and other drugs) have contributed to the increased crime in Knysna and the extremely high unemployment rate (where the Coloured community is particularly affected). I’m all for entertainment and enjoyment of alcohol but it concerns me how badly it is being abused. As concerning, is that the Knysna Municipality is not concerned.

      Every one has the right to do whatever they wish to their bodies and their lives but no one has the right to be part of the knock-on effect that has been so detrimental to families and the community.

      PS: Thanks for your input.

  2. “Socio-economic benefits” is open to translation.

    Knysna has a massive alcohol abuse problem, especially in the poorer areas. Sunday sales is no good for Monday morning at work. Admittedly, i had a beer on a Sunday at a tavern in Smutsville a few months back. Place was packed and half the people walked badly crooked i.e. realistically, the police weren’t clamping down on it when it was illegal (Sunday liquor trade seems bigger than Fridays’ – ask the hospital when they get most of their injuries).

    Of course, the change in law is of obvious benefit to restaurants and liquor outlets in town. The playing field has now been leveled. And tourists do want to drink on Sundays.

  3. More car accidents, domestic violence and liver damage ahead. Tourists will appreciate it, and more money will be spent in the town.

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