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  1. Game Stores – Knysna & George
    So i find a tent that i want to purchase at the George and Knysna-branches of Game Stores
    Campmaster Tent : 6009702040295
    Priced on the shelves at both stores for R1699-00!

    Teller at the Knysna Branch scans the product……..which suddenly now costs R1999-00!!!!!
    i QUESTION THIS… given a R300-00 refund…..wasting 20minutes of my time.

    How many unsuspecting customers are the Game Stores/Branches going to scam over this festive season,with “deliberately” dodgy price-tags……..and most people not bothering to queery this/and or complain,due to the fact that there are hordes of people waiting behind them in the queue!!!!!

    • Always horrible to have time wasted but its to determine whether it’s an error or deliberate. With a chain store, it’s more likely to be an error. I once had a leaking tent story (last thing you want is a leaking tent in cold weather at top of the Drakensberg Mountains) with Game in Durban which found me dropping a very muddy tent on their counter and having to cause a big scene until they agreed to a refund BUT my experiences in Game Knysna have been very pleasant. Several staff members have treated me well. Even this week, a friend of mine had a small issue with a security staff member so i called the manager who, as he has always been to me, very helpful. He didn’t just give lip service. He contacted the security company i.e. something was wrong and a manager fixed it – that’s good customer service. I will always want to shake the hand of a person such as that. So my recommendation is to get hold of him, explain what happened and how you were treated. And then ensure that all the tents have had their prices corrected. In that way, you’re not only helping others in Knysna but also game.

    • 🙂 I also believe in fairness. I’d rather the owner be given a chance to respond than misinformed staff hurt a brand. I’ve privately given my thoughts and hope that all reached amicability…always better than a tussle.

    • Pleasure.

      We’re all human so sometimes getting what you deserve is simply a battle of wills, you versus who you’re dealing with. That said, it’s rarely happened to me in Knysna. I’ve had several awesome experiences at places such as Kloppers – love their one-on-one service.

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