Knysna Corruption 3: Their Criminal Actions — No Comments

  1. This is disgusting. On the face of it you can make out case in terms of the Prevention of Corrupt Activities Act. I can just caution you bru that the Halks and the NPA are very much bias towards the DA in the Western Cape. I would suggest that you bring this matter to the atrtention of General Anwa Drammat who is the National Head of the Hawks and National Minister of Police. In my experience in the Western Cape I have seen how the NPA is bungling cases involving the DA. I can just mention one matter where the Oudtshoorn Mayor was arrested for allegedly stealing sand and klip from the municipality and he had to sleep in jail for one night. There are serious allegations been made of fraud and corruption against the DA mayor of Eden Wessie vd Westhuisen, but no arrest has been made. You are not going to get very far in your quest for justice in the Western Cape. You can ask Hardy Mills what the NPA did with that sedition case against Theuns Botha and Donald Grant of the DA.

    • I’m well aware of the abortion of justice that both Oudtshoorn and Bitou have been experiencing. They’re role models for political parties fighting for power at great cost to the public. Nevertheless, i’m trying to hang onto hope and do the right thing i.e. i never complained anonymously. Instead of just reporting them, i gave Knysna Tourism Board members a chance to commit to truth (they chose not to). So now i’ve gone to two departments to try increase the chance of justice. I will give these individuals a chance but, if they fail, i will certainly keep the General and others in mind.

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