Knysna Corruption 5: Their ‘Blind’ Eye — No Comments

  1. Thanks for the comment on iol that led me here. Its sad sad mess we are in. What can be done about it I don’t know, but i have been trying to figure out who to vote for next year and it seems its going to be a fruitless exercise. I started a petition, maybe not a very good one, to try and change the bbbee and ee laws that are about to take us further down into the dwang. In 4 days I have had 14 people sign it, and those were mainly people I had coaxed from alternative news sites I visit. Nobody seems to care what is going on in SA, as long as they can eat out, drive expensive cars and generally show off then they are a happy. Its always seems to be someone else’s problem.

    If I can help, let me know, although I cant do very much but you never know.

    Mike you a hero mate, I will keep up my vain battle against our employment laws and you try and get Knysna back, one of us has got to win right?

    • Corporate greed and the sell-out to corporate greed by politicians makes us no different to the USA. We are pawns in a fight for power in South Africa. What political party has made you feel that they care about you, your mother or your brother? I’ve never heard anyone on street level say that they care. So the people around us have becoming psychologically damaged, building up Floydesque walls that eat them from the inside. People are scared and the way most try deal with it is through denial and blame, a double-bladed oxymoron that could never be solution. Our only hope is to break down their pretend apathy and make them change their lives, and ours, with the realisation that they’re the majority and majorities rule. I’m fully aware that we may have gone too far to be able to pull back but i’m trying in my own way which has made me publish the awkward questions no one else is asking. I’ve concentrated on my town, not South Africa because we need to be realistic what we can deal with. I’m 100% against BEE but don’t start a national petition because there’s no ways i can beat those powerful forces that finds both sides buying votes instead of earning them. But in my small town context (or your municipal one), we can make it a bit harder for them to earn their positions. Even then, it’s not an easy task.