Knysna Crime Comments After Terence Bridgett's Violent Attack — No Comments

  1. I don’t think I exaggerate when I suggest that crime, and particularly violent crime will be the ultimate downfall, not just of Knysna, but of the country as a whole, unless a more serious attempt is made to deal with it. I sat in utter depression a fortnight ago as I watched a Carte Blanche report on a man up north, whose land was invaded by illegal gold miners. First they poisoned about forty of his horses, then destroyed a number of carriages, some of them of historical value. Then they burned down the man’s home. During these events, the police had stood by and done nothing. They allowed everything to happen. This is the sort of behaviour we had become accustomed to witnessing in Zimbabwe where law and order has broken down. It looks like this is to be our future in SA as well. People can only take so much before they desert the sinking ship.

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