Knysna DA’s 100-Day Action Plan (Part 3) — No Comments

  1. The DA Mayor of Cape Town, the Honourable Patricia De Lille must clean on the allegations by former Swellendam CFO that she presurized him to investment municipal funds in a company that has close ties with the Independent Democrates. Two former mayors have now confirmed that they were also approached by De Lille to invest municipal funds in this company. De Lille’s response is that these people who are making these allegations are liars and that she will sue them for defamation. Why is this Honourable De Lille not inviting the Hawks to investigate her and also reasure the public that she has nothing to hide, no she is going on the offensive ” You are liars and I will sue you”. I always maintained that there is more that meets the eye about this “anti corruption champion” .

    • Admittedly, i don’t know enough about Patricia de Lille (and Zuma for that matter). It’s a challenge running this website with no finances and, practically, it made more sense to focus on Knysna, the town i love.

      There is, of course, a bigger picture which affects all our lives and if the DA is unfortunately lying and not doing their job in Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, then it’s a small jump to the possibility that they are unclean elsewhere too.

      PS: I did read that bias headline in the media when the accusation was made. I can’t say if de Lille is right or wrong but i can state that the journalist was wrong with his header.

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