Knysna Elephant Park Denies Abuse — No Comments

  1. I am disgusted by the recent footage aired on checkpoint regarding elephant training methods used in south africa under your watch. I am both ashamed and repulsed by your condoning of this kind of behaviour. With what influence I have to bear I will definitely NOT recommend anyone to go to this park! I am totally enraged that human beings are able to engage in such torture whilst laughing about it.
    This MUST be dealt with in the most severe manner – all staff engaging in this form of training must be dismissed.
    I pray and hope and will tirelessly support that your park and sister park Eden elephants closes. this is inexcusable.
    totally disgusted

  2. This stinks … in my opnion it’s about the money for the van Rooyens and the rest, not giving a damn about the poor elephants. Why have wildlife if one cannot care for them properly? Who suffers in the end? I am disgusted and I hope that the guilty parties are exposed and justly punished.

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