Knysna Estuary & Swartvlei River Pollution Warning — No Comments

  1. The reason why this municipality is not warning the community about the dangers is because it will have a negative effect on tourism. And you must remember that is will also have negative effect on the DA brand.

  2. This article is both factually incorrect and imbalanced, which is irresponsible reporting! There are various points at which water samples are collected in the Knysna estuary including recreational sites. Information is then placed on the website for public consumption but often people misread and or misinterpret the information. There are various reasons that could cause spikes in ecoli counts, including when the sample is taken. In fact, what often happens when there is a spike is further investigation on the various causes is done. It is irresponsible to send out such a message. I was looking to send you a picture of ‘divers for trash’ and also children swimming in the estuary recently.

    • Nandi, i’m reporting what happened in the Council chambers and these results were not posted on the Knysna Municipality website as far as i know. Instead, when there are happy results, they are posted there or in Actions Ads. They can’t be selective about them. They must post all. It was said in another meeting today that the problem vanishes a few metres into the estuary and there would be a washing machine effect when the tides comes in and out. But the fact is that they regularly take samples and these were alarmingly up. This issue was addressed as serious in the council. If it wasn’t then they would have ignored it. Crabs Creek samples got taken twice. You don’t have to see physical crap i.e. the presence of E. coli in water is a strong indication of recent sewage or animal waste contamination. Crap breaks down as it comes down the pipes from areas far away. The situation in Swartvlei is suppose to be on a topic in a meeting between Sanparks and the municipality either today or tomorrow – as a SANParks employee, hopefully you are aware of it. If they put that meeting into a report in Council i’ll be sure to say what happened. If you want good news it’s that Bollard Bay and Leisure Isle etc. were clean. And i hope that you contribute to with some good news too. That offer has always been open to SANParks but i think this may be the first comment ever on any of my sites. Participation is cool.

  3. Actually, we should be generating electricity from the methane from the sewage. I hear that a portion of Knysna sewage gets converted to compost for flower farms. There are so many creative options.
    What about the cost? – Typically pay back is only a few years, and even with interest on a loan you will find that they become viable – and anyway, how do you put a price on polluted waterways and lagoon?

  4. Springveld. – Why not instal solar and wind to run the waste water treatment works, and pay it off in savings by not having to pay escom any more?

    • There was actually a presentation on waste water works this morning and those were mentioned. Although solar is still too expensive, a price passed onto the consumer, it is expected to become viable in the near future.

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