Knysna For Sale…Cheap! (Part 1) — 4 Comments

  1. Yvonne, Mike, you both came here from somewhere else, so did almost everyone. At what point is it OK to migrate? Do you have an line you can draw to see if someone qualifies to move here? Is it an economic bracket? level of education? skin tone? political affiliation? Religion?
    RDP houses are built according to the needs of the homeless. They are not built unless there are beneficiaries available to move in. (houses are built because of the influx, not the other way round. Are you suggesting that these houses not be built? that the informal squatter communities need to stay as they are?
    Yes, higher density housing is happening (not hostels) and flats for low rental will also come. Good, you may just start getting some real integration happening.

    • You misunderstand me. I sometimes make the mistake of thinking people have read all my opinions on a subject so they understand my context. I believe that everyone deserves water, electricity, a meal and internet – the fundamentals of modern life. In that way, i’m part socialist (part because none can deny Man’s natural desire to capitalistically improve Himself). That doesn’t change the Knysna reality (or any town that does a better job than others). If we gave everyone houses, we become the victims of our own success as we’d definitely attract people from areas where they get less. Most of that money comes from national and provincial government. Our problem is that our infrastructure cannot handle the expansion (additionally, we’re over our water resources). So the IDP is a good thing in that it will increase population densities so that there’s more common piping etc being used. And cheaper middle class housing is definitely the way to go – maybe i’ll have a shot at a home one day:) But none of this removes the fact that we’re bankrupt and that without a new job sector we’re screwed.

  2. i fully agree with your views mike. the problem started when knysna was opened up to all and sundry.It is just a “dorpie”and the muniicipality kept on building rdp houses and the more they built the more people arrived..I came here for the first time in cld stroll down the streets at night safely
    our house has been on the market 4 one even looks at son
    left for uk to find work and came back and is still jobs in knysna
    for able bodied men.we are stuck here because of the house.
    now i believe there will be a mosque built in town central….we pay rates etc
    and the town is filling up day by day…how ,much more can it take..or will our
    very clever guys in themunicipality not stop u ntil the knysna forest is gone.
    yvonne glover 2 lloyd street paradise/

    • It is tough. The more houses built, the more poor people will move here. Our infrastructure shortfall is estimated to be R1BILLION over the next 15years. How can houses be built if there’s no money for pipes, electricity, water etc. They need to build hostels. One good thing (although many will disagree with me as their property prices will drop) is when they build cheaper duplexes in town. It’s going to happen, probably aiming at R1000-2000 rentals with options to buy after 4 years. As for your 4-year wait, same happened to one of my ex-landlords. He got a lot less by the end of it. Yet property agents advertise ridiculously low turnaround times. As for work, females have it so much better than guys here!

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