Knysna For Sale…Cheap! (Part 3) — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Mike,

    I read your articles with great interest cause me and my family is seriously looking to relocate from tulbagh to knysna! I am nevertheless a bit scared now! I will not say that we are crime free in my village (we live 7 km outside) cause we have been broken into numerous times! I just turned 50 and still want to live a productive life …something like a guesthouse or B&B ..maybe a small hotel, but you are saying that tourism has badly dropped over the last years!! So do you think I should look elsewhere or is there still hope !!??

    Best regards

    • Hi, Gaetan. There is no easy answer. The fact is that our whole country is experiencing an increase in crime and the SAPS have become dislocated from the public. Our ratepayers’ associations and Chamber of Business have no teeth. Nevertheless, i’d much rather live in Knysna than a city!

      Regards tourism, there’s been a definite increase the past 6 months. For example, past 3 years they seemed to peter out end Jan/beginning Feb but this year i’m still seeing them. As for running a successful business, you simply have to do it better than your competition. There is always business for those who are good at it. Whilst i’ve seen many restaurants struggle or close, i’m happy to see others doing well i.e. there’s no depression rule for all.

      On Knysna’s positive side, i still consider us to be the prettiest town in the country. I’m glad to live here which is why i fight for it. Hopefully you view my other websites, such as, for the happy news too.

      Any big move should undertake research and, if possible, have you stay here for a several weeks so that you get the feel of the place as a local and a ‘tourist’. If you do pop by, i’m happy to meet you for coffee and answer questions and point you towards pretty places. If you stay (which i hope that you do), remember that a community is strengthened by their contribution.

  2. Well said Mike. They have been bulshitting us for years and the municipality is killing business with its unaffordable rates and taxes. There is no justification for a municipal manager to earn a salary of R1,2 million per annum in a small town with so much poverty. The same goes for the other towns along the Garden Route, I don’t want to even mention the Kannaland Municipality where the municipal manager earns close to R1 million. This is daylight robbery! But if the people are happy with the situation than they must suffer. Its only the residents of the respective towns that can change the situation. Amandla!

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