Knysna Loerie Bird in Flight — No Comments

    • The guava tree was a winner for a certain period of the year where i stayed the past 3 winters. I was glad to find 2 such trees 5m from the door of my new place but strangely no Loeries on it yet.

      Glad to see that vid. Thanks. Agreed, maybe the prettiest bird in the world.

      Featherbed, for me, is a sadness, though. They haven’t wanted to deal with Love Knysna at all. Hopefully William Smith kicks someone’s butt one day.

      PS: Sorry for slow comment approval. Landed in spam box by mistake.

  1. I have just seen a Loerie, I know as I have checked on pictures of them, so beautiful, flying over the top resses of Rhodes University it was in a tree eating a berrie with its orange beak and it had red on the outer tops of its wings, it flew away from me and up so i saw his outer wings

    • They are quite the sight to behold. Glad that you got to see one. They were a regular part of my life for 2 and a half years. I moved to a different suburb, not far from my last, yet i’ve only seen 2 in a month:(

  2. The winged creature in the lower pic is the lesser striped PhotoShop bird – and not a very good job either. Just somebody’s cutesy wish for how the bird should look. Keep the top image, WM – lose the crap beneath it. It doesn’t do you any justice.


    • So confirmed that the main photo is the Loerie. The red in the wings is outwardly visible in flight. As for the verbal “crap” below, i’ll keep it:) I’m in love with Knysna so i don’t mind being a head-over-heels “teen”. And the Loerie definitely inspired the site design which turned out very well.

  3. The Knysna Loerie has wings that are red on the inside, not the outside. Therefore this cannot be a Knysna Loerie.