Knysna Municipality Still Blocking Access to Public Information — 5 Comments

  1. I am just testing to see whether I have been unbanned or unblocked from this site.
    Will you continue to block my participation on your site the moment I say anything that you deem to be unacceptable.
    You should practice what you preach – otherwise you are just a hypocrite

    • You are banned. The only reason why i approve this comment is to again counter your incessant lies. EVERY comment you have made has been approved on this site. I have even written full articles on your allegations so none, especially you (no matter how poorly you insinuate), can say that they haven’t being addressed. Your modus operandi is to keep repeating the same disinformation which means you are motivated by a hidden, DA agenda.
      Fulfill your promise and fetch all the info on Knysna Tourism that has been requested. Don’t weasel out if it. I will publish it, and your role, if you actually do it.
      Highly notable that the DA passed a motion in Special Council today to give Knysna Tourism a broader mandate. They even approved the next R4million of taxpayers’ cash to be given to them. That neither you nor Alan Winde mentioned these changes in our emails or at the meeting shows how dastardly underhand you both have been. Find some honour and help Knysna.

    • If Peter Myers was an honourable acting Chairperson of the Knysna DA Constituency, he’d have being appalled at the above article and done something to fix the situation. Instead, as usual, he makes up a lie and then tries to play me instead of the topic. Pathetic.

    • Peter,you should have typed the words from “It’s Raining Men” instead. It would have seemed like you were just a bit odd rather than actively trying to convince everyone that you’re an idiot.

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