Knysna Municipality Blocks Me! — No Comments

  1. I feel quite helpless about the lack of consequence, i must admit. trouble is the people in Knysna. you have (in no particular order):
    the very poor- living in poverty, scratching up a living on next to nothing

    the slightly not so poor,

    the poor (the old middleclasses) these are people who have big debts to pay, and if they are employed or have a business of any sort- they pay tax through their noses in form of rates to municipality, and to SARS. This crowd has their head down, trying to survive this recession and not lose assets and move out of town. they dont have the time and courage to shout about/ be closely involved in the shenanigans of politicians. We expect them to do their job properly and unfortunately they have let us down.

    Then there are the very rich, who own a 2nd or 3rd or 4th house in Knysna. they are only here for short time of the year. They dont give a frig, as long as their view of the heads and the outeniqua hills remain intact and their electric fenced lifestyle is not affected.

    We also have lots of retired people. Many of our best activists come from this group, but they dont have the luxury of decades of life needed to see that promises are kept. They deserve a less stressed out existence too.

    Then there is a crazy brave man called Mike. Shoo. where does he fit in?

    • Gosh, i wish i wasn’t the sore thumb. I’d rather have 9 fingers standing alongside me. It is very, very tiring.

      As for our problems, they are going to increase. Our town continues to attract retirees and the poor who aren’t, for the most part, actively involved in our economy.

  2. Sorry to read this. It is very worrying. How petty of them- to block you. You have obviously scared them witless. I wish politics was not an issue- when choosing who runs this town. I hope the DA (who I voted for last election) loses Knysna in 2014. I think town management should be done by enviromentally aware, business minded, experienced people. The main criteria should be : skills, competence and ability- not which party you belong to. Not these politicians who have proved themselves to be just about absolutely BLOODY USELESS so far.

    • The reality is that the major political parties are not going to go away. There may be a slight shift in power if AGANG gets votes but i worry that they will simply cast their decisions with the DA so as to fight the ANC for power. Us citizens don’t benefit. The only way to ensure our safety and health is to increase our participation so that they are all reminded that they represent us, not themselves. There has to be consequence when they ignore us or enrich themselves.

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