Knysna Municipality’s furniture shopping spree continues — No Comments

  1. I find it hard to understand how the Municipal Manager could spend R75,000 on office furniture alone. I spent exactly that sum last year, having a complete refit of my study. The work was, dare I say, lavish by my standards, and took three weeks to complete, so there was a heavy ‘labour’ component. I can accept that the MM needs decent furnishings in her office, but what is decent? And in today’s climate, while it is OK for private individuals like me to commission work from Knysna private companies, is it right for huge sums to be spent on (probably) unnecessary upgrades by our officials? Answers on a post card please.

      • Anybody who uses descriptive language such as above on a public forum unfortunately disqualifies themself from any decent discussion. You have obviously teamed up with the likes of the EFF, or have taken a leaf from their book.

        • If that’s all that you take from this blog, then you are likely deliberately diverting attention from the facts aka the real problem on to me. Please participate not denigrate. PS: And note that fake profiles are not allowed unless commentators have revealed themselves in a private mail. This site promotes transparency. Thank you.

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