Municipality Wants Residents to Register Their Water Tanks — No Comments

  1. This is just a precursor to appoint one of their (DA) sponsors as a service provider to check all the residences. This is exactly what they are up to. I see in the Knysna -Plett Herald that they are going to appoint a service provider to do branding and to provide communication services. Now what the hell is Japie (Chris) Bezuidenhout being paid for?

  2. The biggest load of crap Ive ever heard, they should look at the informal settlements where all the waste drains into the natural water sources contaminating the water all over. Bollocks to the municipality.

  3. All you need is a non return valve at the meter, about R180, and your rain water will not affect the “potable” municipal supply. I definitely do not want to register my water tanks. No, now it is time time for civil disobedience. and btw, I do not drink the “potable” stuff, I prefer filtered rainwater. A Bunch of overpaid poeps… run this town. Whatever happened to the so called inspections they were going to do- to check Knysna houses’ plumbing ??-the stormwater should not be going into the sewers- but it does. Fix that for starters.

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