Is the Knysna-Plett Herald Dying? — No Comments

  1. Knysna-Plett Herald died in 1994. When the objectivity and impartiality of the media is compromised, it is dead!

    • I wasn’t in Knysna then but, over time, noted the fundamental shift towards bias across SA. Newspapers allied themselves either with the ANC or the DA and abandoned honest journalism. In the Cape, it’s been obvious that the bias has favoured the DA. As much as we need teachers, so we need journalists who will act as the Fourth Estate, the guardians of truth and the fellers of men who do the public wrong it has to be about right or wrong, nothing else!

  2. I can’t say that the KPH much interests me. A quick flick through the pages is about all the enthusiasm I can muster. As a community newspaper, the Edge is far superior. But then that’s mainly for those living in Sedgefield.

  3. Aha, online media not so profitable – of course, we dont want ad’s. In my experience, 14% is probably all the news you get in any newspaper, because advertising pays for it. Yes, KPH is rather tame, – their prerogative, take it or leave it, I for one will seldom buy paper media anymore, prefer online where I can find what I want, and ignore what I dont.
    Good thing about the free papers though, always need some newsprint to mop up spills or wash the windows.

    • Once upon a time we use to complain about 40% ads. World is out of tune with itself. I like to cover all bases and will continue to buy the KPH (i even link to them sometimes despite their other bias) but agree with you that if you know where to look, ironically, there’s a ton more reality to be found on the web.

  4. Mike, for the first time you’re actually making sense and I agree with you. The paper is all ads and basically no news. The news they publish can be read on their website well in advance anyways.
    This proves that online media and publishing is the way to go. Just think about it. Good example is, News24, The Gremlin, etc. They’re all doing very well. Death of print is imminent.

    • Wish it were that simple but the profitability of online media hasn’t been proven yet, definitely not locally. The public has come to expect freebies which means that online giants, such as Media24 and IOL, are likely to attract the majority of the attention and squash the small guy. As an extension, net freedom, once the holy grail, has become seriously tarnished.
      PS: Commentators may be anonymous to the public but i need to be able to verify their edresses – i was unable to do so with yours. After so many fake profiles have run propaganda against me, i have to, unfortunately, be a lot more cautious.

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