Knysna & Plett’s Outrageous Municipal Salaries — No Comments

  1. Given the differences in the cost of living between Britain and South Africa (consumer prices in United Kingdom are 100.76% higher than in South Africa, incl. rent, food, fuel etc ), the Bitou Municipal Manager is earning more than the Prime Minister of Great Britain who is earning R2.3m per annum (£134,000). I wonder what our Municipal Manager’s qualifications are, and have they been verified as true? One question I’ve been wanting to know the answer to for a long time is this : Do all the Municipal salaries come out of the Rates & Taxes of a town’s ratepayers, or is there additional salary subsidy from Provincial or Central Government?

  2. They are under the misapprehension that if you pay really well, you attract quality employees. The more you pay, the more you attract greedy employees. some municipal employees still get less than R36000 per year so the average MM gets around 30x the salary, in big cities up to 70x.
    This is a recipe for disaster. The huge disparity in the Gini coefficient is entrenched in our government and municipalities and the outcome can only be revolution.
    We are breeding a sick, greedy society. Their children will inherit the mess and suffer for it.

  3. It is a disgrace that these people who are not really making a difference in society are getting this sort of salaries living opulently in a sea of misery and poverty!

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