Knysna Smacked in the Face as Greg Vogt Appointed CEO of Knysna Tourism — No Comments

  1. I want to respond to the Lauren Warring Lie article. Advocate Wessels is supposed to be a lawyer and should have acquainted himself with the provisions of the Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003. If you do an investiagation then they must do it like they have done the Nkandla investigation. It soooooooooo blatantly clear that this office of the Public Protector is hell bent on getting the ANC, but is impotent when it comes to the DA. Advocate Wessels should be advised that Section 67 of the MFMA deals with “FUNDS TRANSFER TO ORGANISATIONS AND BODIES OUTSIDE GOVERNMENT”
    Now, Section 67(1) provides that: ” Before transferring funds of the municipality to an organisation or body outside any sphere of government otherwise than in compliance with a commercial or other business transaction, the accounting officer (Lauren Warring) must be satisfied that the organisation or body-
    (a) has the capacity and has agreed-
    (i) to comply with any agreement with the municipality;
    (ii) for the period of the agreement to comply with all reporting, finanacial management and auditing requirements as may be stipulated in the agreement;
    (iii) to report at least monthly to the accounting officer on actual expenditure against such transfer, and
    (iv) to submit its audited financial statements for its financial year to the accounting officer.
    (b) implements effective, efficient and transparent financial management aand internal control systems to guard against fraud, theft and financial mismanagement, and
    (c) has in respect of previous similar transfers complied with all the rquiremets of this section.”
    I wish to state further that it is inappropriate to have a Service Level Agreement between the municipality and Knysna Tourism under the current arrangement., because Knysna Tourism is not rendering a municipal service.
    I am further of the view that Knysna Municipality is completely in breach of section 33 of the MFMA and the Municipal manager is in breach of section 61 of the same Act.
    Mike I think you should take up these matters as outlined above with Adv Wessels.

  2. If the ANC is involved, then we must establish where those representing the ANC got their mandates from. I am absolutely certain that the appointment of the CEO was not discussed by the relevant ANC structures.

  3. I can’t believe what I am reading. I have recently spoken to someone in Cape Town who is in the tourism trade and he relayed to me that the tourism sector is like a mafia and only the connected are benefitting. Then these bastards want to point a finger to the ANC Government! This is such a disgrace. And they must please come and sue me, I am waiting for them.

  4. Seeking a bit of wiggle room are we Alan? let’s see…; “It does not encourage investment and partnerships – who ever may be right or wrong.”
    This sounds, alarmingly, like…; “If you don’t stop what you’re doing, Knysna will get no investment incentives from me” A sort of “Bantjies vir boeties” scenario, if you will.
    To paraphrase, in plain English. “Us chums up at the cream-level don’t want any public spat, especially the accusatory tone you employ. We understand that there is wrong going on and still insist it’s swept under the carpet so us bum-chums can carry on regardless, without scrutiny. It makes devastating PR for us monied lot and we don’t want skittish investors now, do we? YOU are destroying the brand by bringing these anomalies to light and it just won’t do! Cut it out and allow the “Knysner” brand to wiggle on without anything close to scrutinisation. There’s a good boy. Alan Roxton Wiggill (2 G’s and 2 L’s)”
    It’s KNYSNA Al… not Knysner. If you can’t spell it… you can’t have it. Old Chinese proverb.

  5. Hi I am the CEO of the N12 Treasure Route which runs on the N12 national road. Our objective is to link to all routes which cross our road in our objective to form lasting marketing and development relationships to market the N12 TR. Since the N12 TR and the Garden route meet in George at Victoria bay, Knysna is definitely one of the tourism destinations we would like to communicate with and work with.
    It is a shame that with all the published views and articles on Knysner that almost all of it seems to be infighting. It creates the most devestating PR possible since it is internal and from the people. Untold damage is done by this so it is a great shame that this great brand is being tarnished and the people and tourism product owners are being disadvantaged by it.
    It does not encourage investment and partnerships – who ever may be right or wrong. The N12 would like to link up with Knysner and hope and trust that the current war can be settled so that people can revert to business as usual for this wonderful tourism town.
    Alan Roxton Wiggill N12 Treasure Route CEO 083 486 1308

    • Hi, Alan. Of course it would be wonderful if productivity overcame our problems but that cannot happen until Knysna Tourism comes clean about what led them from millions in the green to in the red. Without accountability, there’s no way that faith can be restored. Instead, we seem to always see the same people (including politicians) mired in situations distressing to our town. There is far more at stake here than just Knysna Tourism.
      Greg Vogt is deep in the mud. Few would believe he’s the right person for the job. Not after all that has happened and his refusal to be honest with the public. Then there was his illegal payments and, recently, the elephant abuse scandal. His elevation to CEO only makes sense if it’s to perpetuate the cover-up.
      Problems cannot be ignored. Problems need to be dealt with so that more positive relationships can replace them.

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