Knysna Tourism versus Knysna’s Citizens – Will We Get Justice? — No Comments

  1. Thanks my Chief. You just scratch the surface please visit township projects and see what is real corruption where municipal officials ( junior – senior ) are involve. Willing to take you through.

    You got Sanco ( south African national civic org. )

      • Hope not. Will remind you in 2 weeks time and possible by that time will have money to pay for information I requested from Knysna municipality about a tender that I believe was wrongly awarded. I’m told to fill a form and pay to access information that I think will help to dig dipper on a tender that I believe we are no different from Oudtshoorn.


  2. You have my support all the way! The truth will prevail. If a party to, litigation change lawyers so like panties, then it means just one thing that he has a shitty case and he is not playing open cards.

    • If the human law is shaky, Universal Law is the overseer. I am sure which ever way the tide rolls, the result will be for the Highest Good & for the Good of All! I think we need to clone you Mike & Thuli Madonsela. The only problem is we need 10 000 of each of you. The Truth always rattles cages. All the Best, Man!

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