Knysna Voted 2nd Best City in Africa! — No Comments

  1. The most obvious comment is that Knysna isn’t a city. As a small town it is not directly comparable with metropolises like Cairo. Knysna does of course earn a well deserved feather in its cap as a wonderful place to live, and a great holiday destination. But self evidently, it does not offer as much as major cities do.

    • The big question is at what population level do we become a city? In many countries around the world, that figure is 100 000. Maybe you can email our municipal manager for the definition of a South African city? I will keep an eye on the forthcoming census results.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Good to hear from you.
    Great news about our rating by Conde Nast travel.
    Have a little problem with your stats – Marrakech at 75.1 appears to be no. 2 if we got 72.2?