KnysnaFM Fails Public with Greg Vogt Interview — No Comments

  1. It did not strike me the first time I read it, but a short paragraph from the poster Spike, above, struck me today as I read it and I thought I had seen it before. (I am David, the tourist who was abused by Baden Hall late last year)
    So I looked up through Halls emails he had sent to me and this paragraph popped up.
    ‘Your agenda is more clear than a hooker under a red light. You, Dave, Dick or whoever you want to call yourself, are a pathetic and lonely human being and a shit stirrer, and I bet you’re ugly too.’
    It looks very similar to the above post by Spike. Or am I just imagining things now, Spike?
    Oddities aside Mike, Knysna FM is a business. It runs on advertising alone. If they started to “out” their customer base who advertise with them they would be out of the Woodmill Lane studio very quickly. Same with the “newspapers”. Do you really expect Knysna FM to seek the truth you are seeking and risk having some of their much needed funds cut off?

    “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.” George Carlin

    • Sorry for the slow response. Money for internet tends to run out a lot nowadays.

      I thought it was either Baden or one of 2 others at the station so very glad that you picked that up – thank you. There is a cowardly factor to Knysna!

      Newspapers – damn right i expect them to publish the truth. That is their first business. They are suppose to the fourth estate. By not pursuing the whole truth or the other side they are in fact taking a side which makes advertising a bribe.

      KnysnaFM – if they can’t do the job then why have, as much as i like it, the Bizz Buzz show? Again, it slants things towards an agenda which doesn’t help Knysna in the long run. And how many advertisers would’ve advertised with them if they had been told, “We have a licence to play music to the mall.”

      George Carlin – one of the few who said it like it was!

  2. Mary, how can something be boring when you haven’t even listened to it? Tsk tsk such a shame. The station is unique and good to listen to. Try it. It might add a smile to your ugly dial.

    Mike, your agenda is more clear than a hooker standing at a red light. It is so clear that you are sour following your personal vendetta against this radio station and its staff. I hear you came off badly? You, Mike, are a pathetic and lonely human being and a shit stirrer. Next time when you sit, drinking coffee and stealing wifi at your usual spot, I might say hi to you and give you the middle finger OR Who knows what I’m capable of in public? Will see what my mood is like.

    • As a insulter, i give you a 6/10 ratings – congrats, Mr. Spike. But as a debater or arguer, you get 0/10 for failing to provide a logical counter with real information.

      It’s amazing how the same or similar uneducated response gets levelled at me with almost every issue i address. The main pursuit with KnysnaFM was to get accountability with regards Baden Hall (i’ve written tons on that here and by no means did i “come off badly”). During the course of that investigation i discovered that KnysnaFM and MFM were running illegally. I want Knysna to have a radio station but it should be run legally and fairly. I have yet to fulfill my intentions on that matter because i put bigger matters ahead on my agenda e.g. the illegal ISDF Tender and Knysna Tourism actions. The one thing you could accuse me of is having few funds but in doggedness i have plenty.

      Your criticism (let’s call it that for the sake of politeness), like so many before you, fails to address the topic but instead attacks me. KnysnaFM deliberately blew what could have been an important interview. And let’s not forget that the people running Bizz Buzz, and giving advice to Knysna, are the same people who were running the now extinct Chamber of Business. And how are their own businesses fairing?

      The goal is to make people think. Unfortunately, i obviously failed with you.

      PS: How about stepping from behind cowardice and presenting your real name next time. It may give you some validity. Just a thought.

      • Fair enough. Still don’t like you or your face though. Please state WHY and HOW these stations are running illegally. Can you provide evidence? Probably not.

        • As said, that is a story for another day. There are bigger, more important issues at hand. Again, you don’t deal with the actual topic at hand. Personally, i think that my face, despite a couple of broken noses, has improved with age:) Note that you will have to present yourself honestly, or use another fake email, if you are to use this forum again.

  3. You and the other 3 or 4 people who listened to the show probably all thinking about bodily functions rather than what he was sayin anyway. I have never listened to Knysna FM and dont intend to either. It is all unbelievably boring bullshit.

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