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  1. Another Knysna initiative that can and will positively affect Knysna’s economy:


    There were moments of pride mixed with tears of joy and feeling of hope when the first Hands and Hearts class graduated at a ceremony at the project facility last Thursday evening.

    In February this year, the young men that graduated were unemployed, unskilled and had little hope of making a positive impact in their lives. Then a new project for unemployed youth touched their lives and demonstrated that others cared about their future. The Hands and Hearts Skills Development Project of Youth for Christ Knysna cares about each and every one of its people.

    The program has focussed on teaching both life skills and job skills to equip the participants to be gainfully employed or to become self-employed. Job skills included woodworking, electrical, plumbing, welding, motor mechanic and basic hand tool skills. Our graduates have learnt life skills from top Knysna businessmen. This initiative truly shows the generous heart of Knysna as people have supported financially, with goods and with time and skills over the past nine months. We believe that this is the type of thing Jesus would have done if he was in Knysna and it truly shows His heart as our inspiration to make a difference in areas that matter to our modern youth.

    The graduates left their nurturing nest with mentors Daan Ludik and Gerald Bouwer and embarked on their future careers. This group now need employment at special businesses that appreciate balanced men with good skills and will complete the circle of hope that we have started and give others hope for their futures.

    The graduates were determined to pay it forward and encouraged the community and local businesses to support the next group of students at the project. A BBEEE Certificate could be issued to businesses giving 2% of their profits to Corporate Social Investment to make an impact on needy communities. This initiative is the perfect conduit for these funds as it has proved itself as an empowering initiative that gives hope and makes a real impact.

    Being a Section 18A Benefit Organisation with SARS, your donation in cash or in kind could be subtracted from your taxable income as you will be issued with a tax receipt.

    Those wishing to consider any of the graduates for employment, or invest money, materials or time in the project can call me at the office on 0443827474 or 0825705470.

    YFC Director

  2. With regard to the railway, well, this is just more loose talk. We’ve waited over seven years for a sign that the line might be re-established. Only the blinkered believe there’s a realistic prospect for renewal. Meanwhile one local politician after another, one senior Municipal manager after another, come and go, having achieved precisely nothing in this regard, and having failed to bite the bullet. Bring on the cycle track.

    • The muscle of Transnet can flex if there’s a will. I’m hoping so but i don’t see us on the priority list as our rail line is so damaged that the start-up costs would be enormous.

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