Lake Brenton for Sale — No Comments

  1. very Sad to see it being planned for development…. the one and only place i enjoyed spending a holliday. the best facilities and location….. shame, that investors are so greedy and money hungry for Quick money that they will develop property just to secure instant millions instead of securing a destination for holliday makers who fill the wallets of the residents and business owners of Knysna who actually depend on us JHB guys to keep them going…
    heres an idea….. why not drain the lagoon and build something there….

    • Nature is our resource but no one seems to realise that yet. However, if we owned that property and could make millions, would we or wouldn’t we? A question only an owner could truly respond too.

  2. Well Knysna has managed to do it again, take away the tourist recreation areas, build houses and more shopping malls for all the tourists that don’t come, you have got to be plain stupid to love this town, they are slowly strangling the town to death, thank goodness i have the ability and means to leave this town, and invest my money elsewhere. To all the poor business folk i wish you all the very best, between the town planners and developers the are slowly killing the town, ask yourselves has the tourism increased or decreased over the years. Knysna does not live in a vacuum, its affected by the economy you guys had better ask yourselves what is our plan of action for the future. I came, i saw and left bewildered that a town can be so mismanaged.

    • I’m in love with that location but if it isn’t going to be bought by the government as a sanctuary then it will obviously be developed. With that eventuality, we can only hope for responsible developers. Looking at the plans (have you?), they fit more in with nature than anything else in Brenton-on-Lake.