Laughing at Zille and Ramphele’s Divorce — No Comments

  1. It was now really bad judgement on both Zille and Ramphele’s side. Both of them are liars and this matter will certainly not end there. Zille is the DA and Ramphele is Agang SA and both have autocratic leadership styles. And for Peter Myers, you are such a twit to come up with conspiracy theories which is typical of your ilk. Get your fact straight or shut up!

  2. It’s war.
    Against a backdrop of global economic instability, the DA have seized, with crushing, dreary inevitability, upon a once-in-a-lifetime chance to absolve themselves of almost all responsibility for anything that doesn’t immediately and directly generate profit. Bravely hiding behind hyperbole, public ignorance and weak opposition, they’re cutting the state down to its free-market skeleton, and we have to put up and stop moaning because apparently we have no choice and anyway “We’re All In It Together”.
    The humanities provide the easiest target of all. For a start, no-one likes flabby-arsed intellectuals at the best of times. And voters are hardly going to miss something when they don’t even understand what it’s actually for, are they?
    Nevertheless, the likes of Peter Myers are still paddling against the changing tide, defending with such fluffy abstractions as ‘positive achievements’, ‘understanding’ and ‘education’.
    Anyone who aspires to be a politician should automatically be precluded from the job, especially if your wife is employed to complete the Frick and Frack act.

    • There is the expectation, no, demand, that we fear the ANC and embrace the DA. I fear both the ANC and the DA because history has proven politics to be corrupt and the public rarely served.
      In the Knysna context, i’ve documented many of the DA failings and they have chosen to correct none. Consequently, i focus on my immediate fear where we have being divorced from controlling our own lives.
      In the Meyers context, the meeting we had was only 3 and a half days ago and i’ve been very busy since (on DA stuff). His panting and parading on this blog is to plant seeds of doubts. It’s part of a plan to discredit me and with elections looming, they’re upping their immoral game. It’s a lot of words without substance.
      As my readers know, i always justify my opinion and so i will during this week.

    • Could Patrick be another alias for Mike Hampton? The comments under this name (Patrick) are certainly as biased and uninformed as Mike’s. Come clean whoever you are!

      • I reckon that, even after several stiff scotches and a bottle of Chablis, anyone who even vaguely considered my style of writing to that of Mike’s being possibly related, must surely be, at the very least, delusional. At worst, deeply deceptive.
        Peter comes out of the traps well, straight into a nice patronising tone, but just as he’s getting into his stride whining about a situation that only exists in his head, he goes and ballses it all up by ending short on a positive note.
        An absolutely virtuoso display of misanthropy there Peter.
        If you want to know who I am, just ask. No need for the usual political soft shoe shuffle dear.

  3. This is the second time you have accused me of lying without giving any specific examples or explanations. It is fast becoming apparent that you are full of bluster and hot air and rather out of touch with reality. I openly challenge you once again to explain how you think I have lied on either occasion that I have now replied to your rants. Indeed it is obvious to all that the front-runner in the liar stakes is fast becoming you.
    Once again, I must remind you that you undertook in the meeting with MEC Winde on Saturday (in front of people you yourself had invited) to supply me with a list of your concerns for further action. To date and for the record I have still not received such a list. Perhaps you already know that the truth might not show you up in a particularly good light. In view of your lack of action and unfounded histrionics and accusations it could be asked why MEC Winde should waste any further time on you.
    I have mentioned before that you may be in danger of becoming a ‘laughing stock’. I judge that the gauge has now shifted from possibly to probably.
    Remember people are watching our exchanges and will be judging you accordingly.
    Posted by Peter Myers

    • My readers know me to speak straight and not back down from attacks so your comment is hilarious in that light.
      You are new to the DA and yet you somehow think you call the shots, acting as if you are owed something from me. Because i don’t supply a list of questions within a few days of a meeting does not mean that i have been deceitful. It just means that i’ve been busy. And during that, i was in communication with Alan Winde, explaining such. The other way round, Greg Vogt hasn’t supplied the detailed Tourism budget that Alan promised me.
      There’s even a series of blogs of which 3 are partly in response to you. So read up, chap.
      It’s pointless to respond to your future comments but i will certainly address everything you’ve misrepresented in the latest blog series. I will even give you that list when its ready, to discover if you hold, at least, your promise on that. The same list will be given to Alan. I spent 2 days digging through thousands of emails just to find quotes to support my claim, which was refuted, that i have repeatedly asked for a budget that i never got, and that it was the DA not being helpful rather than me being difficult.
      I hope you find some clarity whilst meditating on what really happened the past 3 years instead of illusions based on you wanting to make your mark the first few weeks you’re in the game. It’s childish… yet strangely, despite your lack of experience before you accidentally landed up in your position, the DA will somehow treat you better than the public. Life is ironic, far less chocolaty than Forest Gump (and me) would’ve wished for Knysna.

  4. Mike,
    I think I need to gently put right some misconceptions that readers of this post may get.
    On Friday morning you attended at public meeting at which Helen Zille addressed a crowd in excess of 100 people. There was a broad racial mix including many people from Hornlee, Rheenendal and other areas that would not fit with your description of attendees being mainly white and over 65. What an insult to those of a different colour that you apparently cannot see!
    At the start of the meeting Helen Zille called for questions specifically related to Knysna – not once but twice and no one including you put any questions to her. As a result she gave an impromptu speech regarding all the positive achievements of the DA in the Western Cape – a long and impressive list that was exceptionally well received by the vast majority of those present (of all races). This is of course completely at odds with your “let them eat cake” comment.
    When she was wrapping up and about to leave you finally piped up and asked a question. Helen Zille knowing full well your visceral hatred of the DA and the existence of your somewhat inaccurate and insulting web site, graciously extended her time for the meeting and addressed your question head on. You did not like the answer and most distastefully and completely inaccurately called her a liar – which all who were present can testify belittled you and no one else especially not Helen Zille.
    Despite your inappropriate behaviour and in an exceptional demonstration of the openness and transparency of the DA, Alan Winde the Western Cape MEC for Finance, Economic Development & Tourism invited you to a meeting with him, and a number of neutral observers and any one else you wished to invite, to address your issues and concerns. This meeting did indeed take place on Saturday morning at which MEC Winde was present and either addressed your concerns directly or with the agreement of all present directed you to send a list of your concerns to me for further action. For the record, no such list has to date been received by me.
    If your inaccurate and misleading reporting is anything to go by, you have a long way to go to match the high standards that the DA sets for itself in Knysna.
    You need to up your game and try harder!!!
    Posted by Peter Myers
    3 Feb 2014

    • I said i’d gladly work with to get answers but this is the second time you’ve come onto my website and blatantly lied. You are untrustworthy and further example of the dishonesty in the DA leadership in Knysna. I will respond to you in full, as a blog, but note that i will definitely not deal with someone who practices falsehoods so this the final comment i’ll respond to. I leave your comment here for public record. Alan Winde will now have to prove his promised sincerity with real action.

      • Wow, I am amazed at how bad your social skills are Mike. Seriously! Strange how when someone doesn’t agree with you, they are labelled a liar! I think a lot of projection going on! Keep your slander under control, you don’t do yourself or anyone else any good. Shame on you Mike!