Are Lauren Waring & Chris Mulder Destroying Knysna? (Part 1) — No Comments

  1. Hi Mike
    Please note that the Property24 website includes duplicates of the same properties. There are currently 65 properties for sale on Thesen Islands (and not 254 as quoted) , which amounts to 10% of the total of Thesen Islands homes which is the industry norm. Regards Archan . Sothebys.

    • I’ve spoken to several agents since your comment and all have different opinions. As small as our market is, the estate agent sector doesn’t seem to have a clear understanding of their market or some are deliberately not presenting the real picture (sincerely, no innuendo here). The latest agent told me that over 50% of Thesen is up for grabs and made a convincing argument for it. I guess this is one of those issues that i won’t get to the bottom of without massive effort which i can’t afford right now as it would mean losing the bigger context.

  2. I think many people still think Knysna is a beautiful place and I don’t believe that the development of the town has been a total “disaster” as you say- development was maybe too aggressive too quickly. There are problems that the Municipality need to sort out but Knysna locals need to adapt and change…..the boom was never going to last. Life never stays the same and you can’t expect Knysna to remain how it was 50 years ago. Change is inevitable!!

  3. I have been so disappointed in the change in Knysna since the new mall. I can’t understand why it was allowed when the checkers centre was already full of empty shops. I’d love to know if there is a town planning plan for all the empty shops. The building owners and town planning need to get together and try to resolve it. Could they pave the main road for example and make it for pedestrians only? Or could the municipality give an incentive to building owners to fill their shops. The problem on the main road is parking, could extra parking be provided.

    • I’m 100% sure that the public will be split on whether the N2 bypass should go ahead but i’m for it so that Knysna is forced to become a destination rather than a stopover. That would clear the roads and allow us to focus on our guests. Another option, less appealing, would be to make the Main Rd and Waterfront Drives one-ways.

  4. I agree totally. Knysna has been totally over-developed. The magic that pnce was has gone. How do I arrange VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the current Knysna Municipality and its officials?

    • They deserve a vote of no confidence for acting in secret half the time but i have no idea how that would be accomplished. Our politicians, for example, do not sign a recall contract. They don’t have to worry about pissing the public off, just their provincial and national bosses which is why small towns have become toys in the battle between the DA and the ANC for power. If you do want to make a difference, get active. Be alert to issues and share that information with your neighbours.

  5. I believe there should be a halt on development. There are hundreds of empty homes which estate agents are battling to sell. There are countless empty shops and empty industrial properties. Hundreds of businesses have gone bust in the 7 years I have lived here. The water supply and sewage disposal are already a problem. The village atmosphere that made this town attractive has been destroyed – we don’t need more houses and shops!

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