Are Lauren Waring & Chris Mulder Destroying Knysna? (Part 2) — 22 Comments

  1. I am thrilled to hear this land is going to be developed. It will create jobs and provide much needed retail services in the area.

    Knysna’s biggest problem is negativity.

    • Agreed, negativity is almost as bad as inaction and Knysna suffers from a lot of both. Never forgetting the positives we’re defending is why i have a website such as this and others such as for balance. Jobs are temporary and, as the boom showed, a long-term detriment as they attract migrant workers who are then stuck in Knysna when there’s no more work to be gotten. As much as all three areas could do with a good, general store, the fact is that retail in Knysna is suffering greatly. Most shops are battling and many have closed. More retail shops will only damage our fragile economy more.

  2. To whom it may concern
    I normally do not engage in public or media articles written or commented on where the facts are not substantiated or correct.
    Most of the statements posted here or written about me and or CMAI are either outdated, incorrect or simply insulting or libelous .
    On the latter, I NEVER met or saw or met the “person” who said I “will fuck him up”. I never use words like this . Not on a site, not in a meeting, not when taking to “strangers” or friends The person saying this , I never met. He is confusing me with probably someone else. I dare him publicly to step forward, arrange a meeting at a convenient place so that we can meet and sort this out and hopefully get a public apology. .. to me this is tantamount to libel. I have not been on that site at Gorge Rex for three years. I am not any longer part of or a member or shareholder of the company mentioned. There is NO application for development submitted on this site.
    CMAI has NO application for development submitted or pending in the entire Knysna Municipal area …period.
    I hope this helps in setting some of the series of inaccuracies straight on your website.
    There are lots of others but I simply could not let this total misinformation or inaccuracies go on. I expect the person who made the statement about going to be fucked up STEP FORWARD PLEASE so that we can publicly verify if it was ME he spoke to.
    Chris Mulder

    • Appreciate you dropping in. If you wish to clarify any facts, it will be welcomed. I can send you a list of questions from the public and environmental groups so as to clarify what is disputed. Would you be willing to answer them?

      The incident was alleged to have occurred in February. I was contacted then by this party, who i am familiar with, and have kept the email (so as to cover myself) but it will be up to them to step out from anonymity. I will pass on the message.

    • I have added: “Chris Mulder, in the comment section below, strongly denies that this is true. Whoever the threatening person was, he was driving a white, Toyota Prada with licence plate CX 177777 (or numbering very similar).” [if anyone knows who drives this car, please inform me]

      Please inform me who the owners of the land at “George Rex Place” are. I have added a “d” so as to make it past tense i.e. “It’s owners, Jazz Spirit, included Chris Mulder who bought it in 2005.”

      Regards your statement, “CMAI has NO application for development submitted or pending in the entire Knysna Municipal area …period,” does that also mean that you have no plans for future developments in Knysna? CMAI retired from local planning and development? Plans to be removed from your website?

      Again, as has been offered several times, your participation is encouraged and, if you agree to answer, i could have a set of questions sent to you asap so that there’s less confliction. Truth is the goal but if there’s still disagreement, both viewpoints will be presented.


  3. My 2 cents is simple. Stop participating.
    You are the reason why they bulldoze their way through your life, because you behave exactly the way they know you’ll behave.

    Build a shopping mall? No problemmo! The sheep trail into that mall day in and day out.

    Build an eyesore on Thesens Island? No problemmo! The sheeple bought every property in four minutes flat!

    What happened, and continues to happen? Housing prices dropped. The corner store, a Mom and Dad store, with personal service, disappeared! Everyone was out shopping at the mega-stores in the Knysna Mall. Those same giants are the ones controlling the prices, ever upwards.

    Fruit and Veg City has only one brand of potatoes on sale. (There are over 60 being grown in the Western Cape at any one time) Only one brand of Peppers, tomatoes, onions etcetera. Same principal applies. You shop at these places to save a few cents and end up sacrificing variety, competition, quality, availability and, eventually, over time, the price shoots through the roof. And you still think you’re getting a deal. HA!
    Game, Checkers, Pick n Pay, CNA, Woolies, Foschini, Markham, Mr Price, SupaSpar… ALL of them; Same story… Kak service, rigged prices, a take it or leave it attitude, awful product more likely to kill you than nourish you, and you participate in this carnage.

    The little guy is squeezed out because you need to save a few cents, all the good stuff not being grown anymore because of it, everyone wearing the same clothes from the clothing giants, buying the same “food”.
    The “big boys” keep on swopping contracts with each other, keep the business “in the family”, make all the decisions with their pals in positions of power, keep the money in a tight circle, never letting you in, rigging the elections, the banks, the socio/economic environment and scratching each others backs. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!

    If you want change, then change yourself.

    • Big thoughts for 5am:)

      Stock markets are back at a record high yet life is only getting worse for the average man and woman. There are certainly 2, very different worlds with separate economies. It’s clear that the the masses have excluded themselves from self-control. Those who allow it will be abused. That is the animal in Man.

  4. Hi Mike. I speak under correction, but did the advertised piece in the Herald not say the 7th May? What will be the food outlets square meterage?

  5. I have already posted this comment in respect of the ISDF tender award to facebook and love to repeat it here! Knysna, and especially us being dependent on business and more people in town, can only be thankful when Chris Mulder is involved in anything! What I know about him is that he is definitely not only a Developer but a highly qualified, talented and experienced man in this specific field of expertise. I suggest make sure about the facts before you jump on the bandwagon of faultfinding and destructive criticism.
    From my limited understanding of this matter the “Notice placed and paid for by Concerned Ratepayers, Knysna” is incorrect on several counts and discloses limited information:
    • The Integrated Strategic Development Framework (ISDF) tender was advertised nationwide and any company had the opportunity to bid. The tender qualifications were extremely strict and to the point
    • Approximately ten tenderers qualified in terms of the specifications that dealt with numerous issues including experience, BEE component, public participation, lead consultant qualifications, responsibilities of team members, and their contribution, etc.
    • The tenders, after closure, went through a full and transparent adjudication process over a six week period.
    • The consortium that won the tender is “Knysna Creative Heads” made up of several parties with the necessary expertise including a lead consultant that is CMAI. CMAI is awarded less than 25 % of the work. The tender pre qualifications required a team leader with at least 20 years’ experience and Master’s Degree in Urban design, planning and design related fields. Emphasis was on local consultants. Chris Mulder is such a person
    • “Knysna Creative Heads” were not the cheapest but second lowest tenderer and met all the tender pre-conditions. Creative Heads is made up of almost ten different consultants as required in the tender qualifications.
    • I think that you have got it wrong in that CMAI is not merely a “property developer” they have many other talents and have brought together in the “Knysna Creative Heads Consortium” well-qualified individuals and companies with the necessary expertise together with experience to meet the ISDF requirements.
    • When one recalls what Chris Mulder, through CMAI and the original consortium with many consultants, did with taking a derelict factory site and sandbar and changing it into what Thesen Islands is to-day, I do not share your reservations.
    • CMAI has NO pending or submitted application for development or anything else currently in the Knysna Municipal area!!
    • CMAI has designed, planned and obtained approval of most of Knysna largest developments..all of them successful and sustainable….Belvidere, Thesen Island, Pezula ..all of them contributing hugely to the tax base in Knynsa ,job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities …all of them environmentally sensitive to the degree that no one can find fault with it.

    • Thanks. We need points of view from both sides to maintain balance.

      For clarification, are you an attorney at De Beer Joubert Attorneys on Thesen Island? What is your firms relationship, if any, with Chris Mulder, CMAI, Creative Heads and Thesen Island?

      Note that Chris Mulder has been sent queries and if he answers those i’m happy to post a statement from him as well.

      In the blog, i praised Chris Mulder’s abilities.

      The point raised is that Chris Mulder is responsible for Human Settlement. That is not a 25% responsibility. It is a 100% responsibility for that aspect of the plan. Agreed?

      Designs for the Knysna Lower Central Urban Enhancement Study and George Rex Place are on CMAI’s website.

      You never responded to the actions of CMAI regards the wetlands.

      Can you state 100% that Chris Mulder, alone or as CMAI, will never be involved in property development in both those places as well as Rheenendal and has no developer’s association/partnership with other companies, who intend developing, through the spatial plan with developers? An example would be PG Bison.

      Has no intention of developing on the Western Head?

      The main point is not Chris Mulder but rather questioning why Lauren Waring is encouraging development when there are already so many similar, empty properties? Human settlement is supposed to encourage integration of cultures and improve the property market. How do CMAI’s proposed developments achieve that? Proposed developments are on CMAI’s website.

      The municipality needs to make a greater effort to inform the Knysna public of what’s going on. Placing an advert in 2 local publications when few will look at all the pages is ineffective. If it were, there wouldn’t be public outbursts after the fact. They also need to present a layman’s version so that general understanding is more likely.


      • I am a partner at De Beer Joubert Attorneys yes and we have our offices in The Boatshed on Thesen Islands. We have no business connection with Dr. Chris Mulder or his affiliated businesses. I am concerned about the Knysna economy because I make a living here.

        • Your response was overwhelmingly in favour with CMAI, included info not in the tender and skipped over all the questions from the other side s0 it’s safe to assume that you know someone in CMAI, Pat or someone. I truly do appreciate your input but i’m hoping that you look at both sides. Likewise, environmentalists etc. must look at your side

          We are all very concerned about the economy too.

    • Unfortunately, a response from Lauren Waring’s office says that objections are already closed. That does not stop you from asking questions and expecting answers. Her email was in the article but you can also see it on the right-hand menu bar of this website.

  6. I would like to know who earns these massive salaries (R100 000/mth??). When there’s such poverty these amounts make no sense. I think we, the public, have a right to object or to find out what exactly warrants these amounts. Unbelievable!!

    • Anyone who knows 100% is welcome to correct me but i believe that Lauren Waring’s and Grant Easton’s range between 100 000 and 150 000. I did send a query through requesting a list of all municipal staff and politician salaries. By law they have to respond as we pay their salaries but Grant Easton chose not to. I will likely be compiling a list of queries and starting a petition to get answers if they continue to misbehave.

  7. Excellent piece of work. I strongly recommend you include all this information in your objection to the ISDF tender award.

  8. Thank you for your balanced views on this very touchy subject. Yes, ‘new urbanism’ sounds great, but please not in a wetland area. Up to now, the reeds and nature have been doing an excellent job of dealing with the organic sawdust waste that was dumped there by previous generations. If the sawdust was poisoned with that CCa stuff or whatever it is called, (arsenic based, possibly) Is this not the same stuff that Thesen Islands was built on? Will it be wise to start dredging and digging up soil, releasing various old toxins into our poor lagoon? I hope the original agreement for the development of Hunters village is honoured- that only 20% of remaining land was to be developed. Have the old people who made this deal all died? Seems like it.

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