Leon Naude, KRA, Racists, Protests & Politicians (Part 2) — 2 Comments

  1. Well i know this chap Leon Naude well from the 1990’s when he was involved with William Smith and i can still remember his racist antics in those early days. But be that as it may, this is no surprise to me. These are the same people who never supported apartheid who really unable to change their racist mindset today after 20 years of democracy. The politicians of our town should and must engage with the community on a monthly basis, keeping them informed about developments in their respective areas. The problem with the politicians is that they are reactive and not proactive in their approach. What is the current status of the ward committee in that area? Who is the ward councillor? Is the ward councillor been held accountable by his/her party and the ward committee?

    • “Reactive” is the right word. It was used in Council regards this and i will use it in a blog soon. Ward Committees are a mess all over.