Let's Shoot Knysna's Protestors — 6 Comments

  1. It is painful to read such articles in a place like Knysna. It clearly shows that some people are not over the past wanting old apartheid tactics to control people of disadvantaged communities. And furthermore that nor the Mayor or Station Commander could not respond to such rubbish claims as they are the ones who always entertain complaints of KRPA.

  2. If Mr Naude’s comments are correctly attributed (and they seem irrefutable given their capture above), then these are disgraceful. They cannot be written off as a joke (in poor taste). There are many in Knysna’s white community who do so much to help the less well off, and to befriend black and coloured people in the township areas. This is one way in which trust is developed. But racist remarks by people in positions which are supposed to be respected, will soon reverse any gains if they are not wholeheartedly condemned. I can accept there is frustration about the tactics of blocking the N2 with burning tyres. But perhaps the (presumably) comfortable Chair of KRA could put himself in the position of people who share a ‘honey-bucket’ style lavatory with a few hundred others! Perhaps then he would show more solidarity with the protestors.

  3. I hate the fact that we suffer a lot from this poor environmental disaster with no formal structure.As a Knysna citizen I motivate you to keep revealing the true Identity of these hypocrites !!!! I love the person behind the hole article

    • That’s one of the goals: To give Knysna information that the government doesn’t give them. To try help them understand situations better and know who is controlling their lives.

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