Calls to use live ammo on Plett protestors

live ammo Plettenberg Bay protestors

“USE LIVE AMMO” is one of the nasty comments in response to yesterday’s protest in Plettenberg Bay –

It horribly reminds me how the ex-head of the Knysna Ratepayers Association once also called for live ammo to be used and had one of his friends back him up by suggesting that the same bulldozers used on Palestinians should be brought in. Both were DA members, removed but with the DA failing to appropriately address the issue, seemingly more interested in their image than substance. Unfortunately, the NP’s presence will always be in the DA.

That was a horrible memory and not about who these appalling commentators vote for (because I don’t know). What’s obvious is that it’s easy to be nasty when privileged.

Don Frost: “Use live ammo.”

John Hayward: “Animals: Destroying everything in their path. I am with Don Frost. Use live Ammo 🔫👍”

Richard Turner: “I say ban all so called protests completely and with immediate effect.”

Carol Barrett: “BAN all protests, just causes havoc and so much damage and does no good. People are fed-up….it inconvenienced people who has nothing to do with their issues. Have meetings with the people involved. Don’t block busy highways and destroy.”

Gerald Hoch: “All these riots are orchestrated.”

Sandra Oosthuizen: “Stop giving clothes and food then they need to work and dont have time to break everything down.”

Knysna-Plett Herald’s only comment was: “The crowds have been dispersed and the road is now open.”

Those insensitive and ignorant comments appall me. Worse is the newspaper for allowing this sensationalist broederbond bull in the comment section. As bad is the absence of people standing against this privileged hatred. You people shame the area. I know we can be better than this.

Why has the Knysna-Plett Herald allowed these appalling comments to remain? The newspaper should publish a full apology and ban those commentators.

Alida Kieser, well done for being the only sane person to stand up. I’m saddened that there hasn’t been a rush to support you.

Yes, I’m aware that a cop got hit by a stone and had to be taken to hospital. I wish him well. But note that none of these people are referring to that because, at this time, this is all that was reported:

“A riot in Plettenberg Bay, that started on Monday night, has now flared up again. It is believed that the protesters are from Qolweni and that the action is over housing issues. Police are on the scene and busy dispersing the crowd. The N2 is closed from Ladywood to the traffic circle at the Shell Ultra City. Traffic is being redirected via Wittedrift/Avontuur road and via Airport road until further notice. Motorists have also been warned to take care when travelling in the vicinity of Qolweni/Bossiesgif and industrial area and to report suspicious activity.”