Lwandle Evictions Another Shot in the War for Power? — No Comments

  1. I note that the R70billion required for the 300,000 housing backlog equates to R233,000 per house. The new budget for the house itself is just over R100,000,
    Imagine if each new house was equipped with solar panels, and grid tied inverters, then these houses could feed electricity to the grid during the day.
    Medupi and Kusile have gone R100billion over budget, Government still hell bent on spending R1 trillion on nuclear plants.
    There must be some creative solutions, – government supplying little concrete block houses to everyone is not sustainable, at nearly a quarter million per family.
    Then desperate people are forcibly evicted to make way for e-toll, a ridiculously expensive way of taxing motorists, that only returns about 17c to the rand.

  2. Its disgusting how politicians can use people’s misery to score political points. Sanral is an organ of state and should have acted in a humane manner by arranging for alternative accommodation. The high court should have first established whether the landowner has made provision for alternative accommodation. The state (Sanral, National, Western Cape Province, the City of Cape Town and the High Court) have failed the poor people. But we are all singing GOD BLESS AFRICA and in the meantime we are condemning God’s people.

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