Mannatech Preys on Praying Cancer Victims — No Comments

  1. Of the four people touting Mannatech I have quite recently met, every one of them uses the same sort of tack; “I am involved in Mannatech, but only barely, as I use it myself every day and, in fact, it saved my life. I was on death’s bed and look at me now. I have never been healthier in my life”

    • Hard to imagine that as anything but pretending to be good. Only if Mannatech totally, and publicly, disassociated itself from it’s founder, condemning his past actions, would it have an attempt at credibility.

  2. Mr. Hampton, I must respectfully suggest you extend your fact-finding beyond Wikipedia. Mannatech, as a corporation, never promotes their products to individuals; their Associates do, who are all technically independent contractors, not employees.
    In the past and perhaps even today, there have been overzealous Mannatech Associates that promote the products to people claiming they’re meant for specific diseases. If and when they do that, they are breaching their terms of agreement and the company policy.
    As for the scientific claims and controversy, many of those in the scientific community refuting Mannatech’s self-funded and 3rd party independent studies happen to be funded by the pharmaceutical industry. That is a huge conflict of interest which is why I take their word with a grain of salt.
    In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Associate, albeit not a very active one (I’m a busy design student). However, my family and I have bought their products every month since January 2000, and I don’t regret it one bit. I’m healthier and have a stronger immune system as a result. Plus, my own personal order provides nutrition to malnourished kids all over, including kids in South Africa.
    If there’s anyone that has made a purchase and decided it wasn’t for them, just call Mannatech’s customer service (0 (800) 981-117 for South Africa) and they’ll be happy to refund all of your money. You have 6 months from the date of purchase. Try finding that anywhere else 🙂

    • I have certainly gone beyond Wikipedia and i’ve written about this before when the con came to our town. The fact alone that Mannatech was founded by a rogue is sufficient for me to question it forever. All that appears to have happened is that the sales pitch got slicker. I’ve no doubt that there are evil pharmaceutical companies but, in light of Mannatech’s history, to say that they’re the bad guys and, essentially, that Mannatech is being picked on by them, is laughable. There’s reason for Mannatech having gone to court and there’s reason for your founder having been forcibly removed by the courts, from control of the company, for years. That he moved to Africa and started the pseudo-religious MannaRelief was maybe his slickest move so far. Sure, giving poor kids food is always good but it was also a wonderful way to fix his image. One of Mannatech’s press releases says, “MannaRelief is an independent, nonprofit organization. It is not owned or operated by Mannatech, Incorporated” but to state that out of the blue without giving the history behind it is manipulation. That’s what Mannatech does – it manipulates. You are too slick too. Here you are, if you are in fact real, with several Facebook pages that have no heart, just link after link of news mostly unrelated to you or your products. They do little to justify the human behind them. Then you have made a business and website called Love Live Nourish Association which states: “It’s our job to reduce these numbers by promoting consumer awareness and activism surrounding the issues of poor health and nutrition. We accomplish this by connecting people to our for-profit and non-profit partners, Mannatech® and MannaRelief.” Your “part-time” is very much an invested part-time. And, despite your ‘business websites’, you use a free edress. In all, your response makes me think that one of your roles may be to find contentious comments about Mannatech and to respond with seeming sanity. Truth-seeking is the goal of this website, not obfuscation. If anything, you have persuaded me, if i ever stop fighting politicians, to turn a spotlight on Mannatech.

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