Marshmellow Life

This will be hard. Are you ready for it?” he asked.

“I was born ready,” she said.

But her giggle gave her away so he asked, “Do you like marshmallows?”

“Oh yeah! I love sweet things,” she said.

I want you to imagine a giant one… as big as your garden.”

“Gosh,” she giggled. “That’s a BIG fucking marshmallow!”

“And it’s going to get bigger ’cause you’re going to visualize walking through it, every single day, on your way to work.”

“Golly gosh,” the young thing emphasized. “That’s like trying to bounce through a trampoline made of sugar. And my hair! Ooh! So icky. Ew!

“That’s perspective. That’s life”

“Sickeningly sweet,” she nodded.

Her insightful response gave him hope she would grow.