Massive ANC Corruption Alleged! — No Comments

  1. I do agree with you bru! This is massive and I am sure that this is a true account of whats happening there. Its shocking! That municipality has a legal department with two qualified attorneys, but a certain advocate is making decisions regarding litigation and then he stands to benefit from those decisions.

  2. I think it is incorrect to refer to this matter as ANC corruption. There are three parties in the coalition (ANC, ICOSA and NPP) It is a well known fact that the majority of ANC councillors in that municipality are honest hardworking comrades and isolated by the inter alia the mayor and the councillors from the other two coalition partners. There is two functionaries who are not on the municipal payroll who calling the shots in collaboration with the acting municipal manager. Then you have the rogue ANC regional executive members who are benefitting in exchange for protecting the acting municipal manager and the mayor. The above revelations by the Human is just the tip of the iceberg. I can assure you if a thorough forensic investigation is conducted at that municipality and the bank accounts of certain individuals and entities, Nkandla will look like nursery school outing.
    The people of Oudtshoorn are been robbed by this unholy coalition on the a daily basis and nothing is been done to stop it!

    • It’s certainly debatable. On one hand, generalisation sucks because there are always exceptions. On the other, this was the majority of ANC leadership for the region, as determined by lessor members. If this corruption is true, it’s so massive that it’s impossible for many others not to have known. Where were their whistles to blow? Practically, i’m just hoping better people seize power – it’s for the ANC to prove that they can do better than this.

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