Mayor Drops Bomb on Knysna ISDF — No Comments

  1. Indeed Mike Wood, indeed. She is positioning herself for the forthcoming local government elections and she knows that she is the worst of all the DA councillors in Council. Watch this space!

    • She does. She wants to protect herself. In the KPH the same day she basically said that it’s to prove that they were right in awarding the tender. That’s different to what happened in Council. She’s playing both sides to protect herself. I’ll have to remove that inkling of kindness i showed to her.

  2. I have the greatest respect for Peter Meyers and I know that he has worked very hard to achieve better governance and accountability in our Town.
    We may therefore agree to differ on this one.

  3. Mike, just to avoid any misunderstanding, to the best of my knowledge Peter Meyers joined the DA to work towards clean and better governance for the benefit of all the people of Knysna. Obviously the ISDF was one of his priorities, due to the importance of the outcome to the future of this town.
    The Mayor requested Provincial Treasury to investigate the ISDF tender at the end of May. At that stage Eleonor was not yet involved in the DA.

    • My first conversation with Peter Myers was about the ISDF. I stand by what i said. I will go further by saying that the DA has zero credibility in my eyes so long as Myers is on the Constituency. I trust him as much as i trust Lauren Waring which is to say not at all. He may have entered with good intentions but became a politician who lied. Eleonor is also against the ISDF and her vote may come in handy for some people one day.

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