Mayor Georlene Wolmarans threatens Knysna Public? — No Comments

  1. Close down the hatches. Refuse to discuss ongoing issues. Prosecute people who write anything deemed critical of them. What’s next? Disappearances? They’re behaving like an Argentine Junta. No wonder sales of ‘1984’ have risen 4000% in the last couple of years.

    On a less serious note, ‘people’ are not measured in ‘amounts’ but numbers.

    • What may be more disturbing than her naysayers is the amount of people who don’t even know who she is. How can she be a leader if the people she represents don’t know who she is.?

      There’s a major breakdown between politicians and the public, a gap that doesn’t encourage understanding. I’m under no illusion that any leader can make everyone happy (there’s too many agendas at play and hatred is a damaging, unhelpful political tool) – it is a difficult job – but i want to, at least, respect them even when i disagree. I want a mayor who i’m convinced represents us, whom i’m willing to forgive when she or he makes mistakes because they admit them and learn from them.

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