Message From South Africa’s Next President? (Part 1) — 2 Comments

  1. Also had some respect for Motlanthe, but I am very concerned with his dogmatic support of the nuclear program. We should not be building nuclear power plants – for many reasons.

    Most locals dont know much about it, but it seems almost a certainty that the two plants near Oyster Bay / St Francis, will be given a go-ahead, particularly with public apathy.

    • There is no one i can support 100% (i.e. i’m against nuclear) but i’d rather have a reasonable leader than a totally unreasonable one.

      Public apathy kills me. It is the root of all our evil. Looking at the bigger picture, we deserve what we get because of it. Armchair critics are useless. The only valuable adult is one who loves oneself sufficiently to stand up for oneself.

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