More corruption the DA voted for…

Grant-Easton DA corruption

Knysna’s previous Municipal Manager Grant Easton was illegally appointed (couldn’t speak two languages which was the advertised requirement, and his qualifications weren’t checked until I took it to Parliament i.e. he was a pre-determined selection, the interviews were a hoax. He would never have had reference for the job if he hadn’t previously had experience as the Chief Financial Officer of the Municipality… except he’d been illegally appointed there too because, as the man in control of the budget, he never had an accountancy qualification.

Much that went wrong happened under his watch (although it had begun when he was CFO and the Municipal Manager was Lauren Waring). One wrongness included favouritism through a local preferential premium of 11->25% that was used in tender evaluation so as to dodge BEE. In one year alone, the loss to the taxpayer was R8-million, that in defiance of the Auditor General who warned him against it the previous year. Despite that, the Western Cape Auditor General gave him a ‘clean audit’ (it was only this year that it was taken away).

The DA stood behind him, issued press releases saying nothing was wrong, issued propaganda against me for exposing their corruption, and then stood next to him as he, on their behalf, told Parliament nothing was wrong but-

-then the DA put disciplinary proceedings against him for mostly the same issues they lied were halaal i.e. it was part of the cover-up. He resigned during the disciplinary which I believe was the DA’s intention all along… remove human evidence whilst admitting no wrong.

Knysna Municipal Manager Kam Chetty
Kam Chetty has refused to acknowledge any of my complaints which include municipal threats, fraud, illegal appointments etc. He is the DA’s man

Their next move was to try make Johnny Douglas the Municipal Manager, another who would serve DA interests only. That failed, but in between he was illegally appointed to a second contract… and then moved to another DA municipality. Kam Chetty was then appointed, he having being the DA’s administrator in Oudtshoorn. Kam Chetty is allegedly also unqualified, finishing his studies during working hours.

The separation of administration and politics is there for check and balance. If compromised people are appointed to the Administration, are they more likely to serve the Public or those who give them more than a million rand a year?

Why hasn’t Premier Helen Zille, MEC Local Government Anton Bredell and the DA Federal Executive acted on the evidence they received from me. Why, instead, do Zille and Bredell want to sue me… conveniently using Public funds?