Mosque coming to Knysna? — No Comments

  1. i always visit Knysna at lease three times a month,and spend a lot of money in that area. a Mosque would be nice and convenient for us..

  2. I see no problem with a mosque so long as its occupants don’t then start grumbling about pubs nearby, or women passing in mini skirts. Oh, and on the loudspeakers question (calling followers to prayer five times a day), this is easily solved by the Municipality banning their use as a condition of planning permission.

    • Let me also add that this is Knysna. No minaret is likely to appear. Those 2 old tin houses (ex restaurant) are dilapidated but likely to fall under an awkward historical category i.e. a mosque doesn’t have to mean a temple – just a place of worship. If anything, tenants would hopefully mean one less empty property and hopeful improvement of the buildings.