My Cyberstalker, Mark Allan (Part 1) — 8 Comments

  1. I read your cyberstalker’s blogpost- that guy must have money to burn- he complains about his 10k lawyer bills, then does some more hate speech and defamation. Will he ever learn? While I was reading it, I imagined the sort of a person who wrote it- he must have a whiny voice and a wet nappy?. Really- someone should tell him- life is so much more fun, if you stop being an arse- Use emotion of Love not Fear…- make things better, not worse. You can always choose Love or Fear as motivation for the choices you make, and you can always see which one of those emotions drives others. Shame.

    • He’s an obsessive so learning is not the nature.

      I really wish Love was the way to go all of the time but we live in a vicious world that sometimes scoffs at the notion. Not excusing him at all but, in a more general sense, think of our ‘beloved’ Municipality.

      • You know, I just called and spoke to someone at the Municipality about an enviro issue and they were very helpful and on the ball. There are some things I do LOVE about them. I know the names of various officials, and some of them even know me too. It is not ALL bad.

        • Sure, there are nice people everywhere. I may get disappointed when they place there jobs ahead of their bosses misdeeds but the real problem is leadership who can close departments and information to the public at will. That same enviro department was extremely unhelpful when the estuary shit problem first came to light. They were told not to talk. That’s not democratic.

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