My Cyberstalker, Mark Allan (Part 5) – News24 Bans Him Twice — 8 Comments

  1. Something I’ve learnt over my many lifetimes: The only way to destroy your enemy is to make him your friend. The two of you should simply go for a walk along the Lagoon walkway with a couple of beers and a slow-boat.
    And secondly: In Jujitsu I learnt that every situation has its own advantages. Perhaps you guys can continue this public spat but use the energy to attract advertising or something. Let something positive flow from it….

    • Sometimes that would be true. Always better to chat first. But that’s been done and failed long time ago. In light of all that has happened, if you read all his insidiousness, it isn’t a consideration at all. And i know more about Mark Allan that i haven’t printed. I do not want this evil man in my life.

  2. I find this all too much…
    Childish witch hunt he said she said crap. I will no longer be reading anymore of these articles.

    • I always hope that people put themselves in the same position i.e. in this case, If someone wrote 2 years of articles against you that sought only to defame and sabotage you, would you do nothing about it? I showed remarkable restraint in keeping quiet for so long.

  3. Yes, he forgot to compensate for the Numb-Nuts Effect. That’s where the collective drag on the rest of the universe of someone with half a shit idea slows the speed of light down so much that the observer tries to commit suicide using a drinking straw from a Capri-Sun. It’s demonstrated by measuring Patrick’s Constant – where the IQ can never be more than one – and then doing something proper sciency to that until you reach the Massive Fucking Fanny Horizon, where everything you read from self-congratulating helmet cheesers on the internet just becomes one huge, coagulated mess of monkey spunk dribbling down a laptop screen. But then again, he might be a nice guy… never met him myself.

    • Well, well, that must be the biggest, educated and interesting mess you’ve ever delivered here – thank you for reminding me that sometimes it’s better to take the piss out of someone than treat them seriously. Hilarious! I believe that deserves a crate of beer or two.

      Considering the many viewers, kudos for being the only one brave enough to step into this monkey mess.

  4. As usual, much of Allan’s attack is full of self-important teeth-gnashing masquerading as concern, and, importantly, or he’s really shit at irony! A trivial platitude, I know, but perhaps there’s some guidance there somewhere?

    • Nail on the head. He’s so full of full of himself that he can’t stop from showing his bad characteristics even though he tries to veneer it in concern for Knysna. He’s an angry man who needs someone to blame. I’m the easiest pot-shot in town because i put myself out there. He seems to be under the impression that a court case would vindicate his attacks or be a showdown between me and him when in fact it is far simpler and less exciting that that. This is no US tv series. He has to prove all his accusations which is impossible because they’re not true.

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