Office of the Public Protector has joined the wolves

Public Protector South Africa corrupt

“You seem not to realize that you are in no position to negotiate. I’m surprised you even tried. We hold all the cards, and have all the power to make your life really and truly miserable.”

Although those ominous words were sent by a political party, the Office of the Public Protector has made me miserable too. I turned to their staff for help only to discover they were protecting the corrupt.

The corrupt and powerful have run propaganda campaigns against me, threatened me, and taken me to court so many times I’ve lost count. To continue, I had to lose everything, become accustomed to fear and frustration, and become my own mini media expressing activism through citizen journalism. Learning was hard!

A date hasn’t been set yet, and NCOP Chairperson Thandi Modise doesn’t care about us small South Africans, but Parliament is likely to make a decision on my Love Knysna Petition against corruption before the year is finished. There have been 3 hearings, the process having taken 3 and a half years. Overall, this terrible fight has taken 8 years of my life.

The fight against Zuma has been an important and noble fight. Unfortunately, fighting Democratic Alliance corruption isn’t as popular, as if those of us suffering under their rule aren’t allowed human rights.

“Anyone who reads his ‘poetry’ must wonder where his fantasies lie, and whether there are unacceptably high risks in allowing him access to kids. I certainly wouldn’t want him anywhere near mine at an impressionable age. A penniless ‘activist’ running a ‘charity’ for kids? It is a ridiculous idea.”

Besides government incompetence and apathy, the other struggle has been against the double standards of the foolish in the comment sections on Facebook. I’m sure some will accompany this post. The mad don’t care for logic or the experiences of others, only for themselves, making sense of our diminishing world through hate.

But my beloved town of Knysna awake to the harsh reality that the DA lied to us. Even white people marched against two arrogant DA leaders who thought they could throw away the Mayor so as to keep their provincial faction strong.

The province is well on its way to waking too… but South Africa, as a whole, has a long way to go. That isn’t support for the ANC or EFF, it’s just inconvenient fact that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side, in the ‘Republic of the Western Cape’.

Bias makes many incredibly blind. It may be awkward for those in inappropriate mindset who think that only black people can be corrupt locally whereas white people can only be corrupt overseas. The fact is that power corrupts the powerful, almost everywhere. Greed and sociopathy sees no colours except the green of money and red of emotions screaming me, me and ME..

There are too many wolves and not not enough shepherds. Unfortunately, the Office of the Public Protector has joined the wolves, protecting provincial power centres so that compromised staff, depending where they work, protect corruption of the ANC and DA.

I’ve had horrid experiences with the Public Protector which I once believed was the Knights of the Round Table, John Pilger, Greg Palast and the Gummi Bears all rolled into one. I was young and naive.

Lack of knowledge encourages the corruption infection. Unfortunately, education is accompanied by unhappiness at the cruel world we live in. Being awake is a lot like nightmare.

“Ask him about his unnatural interest in children, especially boys. I have first hand proof of this in my own home.”

Whether you believe it or not, our lives in the Western Cape matter too. I hope you read what I link to before commenting. I can back myself up well!

On Wednesday, the Hawks fly into meet me for a second time.