Oh No, Lauren Waring Becomes Knysna’s Municipal Manager — 10 Comments

  1. Hey guys. Does she ever bother to even read any of this? I sent an e mail, addressed to her regarding EMPLOYING someone to sweep the stones & gravel off our roads especially at the stop streets in order to PREVENT pot holes materialising instead of just paying to have it filled up (now & again). Needless to say, no reply. Now I want to let her know about the utterly disgusting SLACK manner of the teller (male) behind the counter where one pay your licence renewal fee. He slouched with music playing and did not even bother to sit up staight. Is he also DA? Who check something like this or are they all scared of doing the right thing?

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Ek is die ontwikkelaar van ‘n brandstofbespaarder, petrol en diesel wat in ‘n voertuig geïnstalleer word en dan elektronies die besparing op elke voertuig wys of alternatiewelik diefstal.
    Hierdie metode is so pas deur Duitland en US gepatenteer nadat die verslae uit Duitsland oor Radio Pretoria drie weke terug uitgesaai is.
    Help die werklose mense in Knysna, Plett en Sedgefield om opgelei te word vir ‘n werk in die “Groen” projek”. Ons soek hulp om die ozoon te help herstel deur al die gifgasse van voertuie drasties te verminder. Kom ons wees die eerste Munisipaliteit om dit te doen – kontak mu vir meer inligting asb.

  3. I’ve only known Elrick van Aswegen to be another politician who doesn’t respond so it’s good to hear that he did this right. Be even better if he then explained his reasons to the public. Information helps.

  4. I take my hat off for my friend Councillor Van Aswegen who was the lone voice in opposing her appointment. What went on in the minds of the ANC councillors when they supported this woman appointment?

  5. Oh my goodness! A few years ago when she applied for the position of Director Community Services she had a ANC card in her pocket and now I believe she has changed her allegiance to the DA. Here we go again! I feel pity for the people of my hometown.

    • Don’t pity us…send us money so we can pay our Municipal Manager on time:)

      Note that i have no proof of Lauren’s DA “card”, simply opinion based upon her actions which match that of the DA.

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