Over R1million Salaries for Knysna Municipal Staff (Part 2) — 11 Comments

  1. Apologies to everyone for the delay on clearing your comments. I’m having a problem where my spam program, for some strange reason, only on this site, is putting so many valid commentators into the rubbish bin. Found them now.

  2. A better life for those politicians and administrators only and the rest! The people shall rise in this lovely country of ours. Wolmarans vader help ons die dame weet nie wat sy doen nie.

    • Unfortunately, i believe that people will rise…and it won’t be in a way where the baddies will be overthrown and the just will say yay – it’ll be in a scary way that’ll hurt everyone. Anger can only build and explode the same way a balloon is joyful until it can hold no more air – POP.

  3. There should be no political parties running our municipality. The council must be run like a business, and Councillors must be paid for what they can do. Any council member who preaches Politics must be fired on the spot.
    Rate payers you have the power to change things, Why do you not stand up to all this nonsense ? How about a rate payers union ?

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    • Barry, i like your version of Heaven:)

      The Ratepayer’s Association closed down and the myriad of small ones that have been set up seem interested in protecting their suburb than being part of Knysna as a whole. There was talk of restarting it but i found it interested that those concerned never contacted me. No use having a Ratepayer’s Association unless it has teeth.

      And please note that i would welcome help. There are so many issues that it’s impossible for me to stay on top without funds or active support (way better than an emailed compliment). If i keep at it alone, the powers-that-be will eventually sink me.

  4. I’m sure their salaries are higher than your estimates.
    Capitalism in action, just walk down the main road… see for yourself.

    • Yep, a future sold for short-term gain. I could understand if aesthetic lost to the growth of small business and cultural integration but a very few seemed to have scored.

      • There should be a moratorium on new buildings, offices and shops until the current ones are filled with tenants. Houses included.
        So much wastage and yet so many people without the basics.
        Its disgusting.

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