Pezula Gets Taken Over by Hilton — 4 Comments

  1. I see Noetzie beach is once again described as an “exclusive” beach. I am not sure who is “excluded”, as it is a public beach, and always will be. The coast belongs to all the people. Please refer to our new Coastal Management Act for more information.

      • During apartheid years, the govt tried to make Noetzie beach exclusively for the coloured people. Deals were made, Sparrebos ( the ch was added to the end recently) beach was allocated to coloureds instead, but Noetzie beach always stayed open to all. Christmas and New Year at Noetzie will confirm this tradition still continues. Only a few keen fishermen and hikers went to Sparrebos beach. Now that the ‘new’ South Africa is established, I am relieved that there are laws protecting our coast, from greed, exclusivity and inappropriate development.